Ladies Night

Thursday, September 7

Ladies Night

Alright ladies, tonight is your chance to let your hair down and get a little wild.

Bring your friends and leave your panties at home, you won’t be needing them. It’s a night full of fabulous femmes.

Long week? You’re fighting with your roommate? Your boss just told you that your work is sub-par? It’s all so frustrating and can dampen anyone’s spirits. A ladies night out with the gals can help relieve that stress as you get lost in chatter and banter that doesn’t involve all the BS of the real world. The real world is a bust, you guys.

Hours: 8 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Couples: $40 | Single Ladies: $15 | Single Men: $45

*Membership to Trapeze required. Free entry limited to the first 30 ladies. Cannot be combined with other discount, vouchers or passes. You must arrive before 11 p.m. to receive discounts.

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PornHub’s traffic drops by 5 per cent during Game of Thrones season 7 premiere

The x-rated website’s statisticians looked into the traffic on the site while GoT aired in the United States

PornHub’s website traffic dropped by 4.5 per cent in the United States during the Game of Thrones season seven premier.

The site’s statisticians looked at the traffic across the US and found it was down by 4.5 per cent during the airing compared to an average Sunday evening.

The x-rated site said: ‘That’s a considerable change in visitors as Sunday night is one of the most popular times for people to visit PornHub.’

Porn Hub GOT 2

However, it is not the largest drop the website has seen from a US audience during a GoT episode airing, as when episode 10 of season six aired, traffic was down by 5.2 per cent.

Porn Hub GOT 1

5 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Masturbation You NEED To Know

sweaterFind out why orgasms are so good for you!

Self-pleasure is rarely talked about, and female masturbation especially still makes people oddly uncomfortable. About 92 percent of women say they masturbate, so why aren’t we talking about it?

Solo sex can not only boost your emotional well-being and your sex life, but it can also improve your health. So read on to learn some of the incredible health benefits of masturbation and why you should be doing a lot more if it.

1. It improves the quality of your sleep.

No more counting sheep. Masturbation is actually a natural snooze sedative. Better (and way more exciting) than the rainforest sleep sounds on your iPod, self-pleasure produces endorphins — the essential chemicals that help ease pain, stress, relax and help you catch up on those zzz’s.

2. It strengthens your muscles.

Ready for a workout? Masturbation tones pelvic and anal muscles. Not only does having a stronger pelvic floor lead to better sex, it can also reduce a woman’s chance of involuntary urine leakage, according to Planned Parenthood. Who knew?

3. It’s a great menstruation cramp reliever.

Midol and heating pads, step aside. Self-pleasure can actually relieve a lot of the pain you feel during your period. Premenstrual irritability, cramps and those painful backaches you get during your period can all be eased by masturbation. How? It increases blood flow to the pelvic region. Why didn’t we know about these health benefits of masturbation sooner?

4. It alleviated urinary tract infections.

Prone to UTIs? Masturbating not only helps relieve discomfort, it also can flush out old bacteria from the cervix. Another excuse to hop into bed.

5. It lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes

As if you even needed another reason orgasm, women who experience more big Os were shown to have a greater resistance to type 2 diabetes. One way to ensure more climaxes? Self-pleasuring!

9 Surprising Things Women Should Never Do To Their Breasts

Like most women on the planet, I can distinctly remember when my breasts started developing as a teen. It can be an incredibly awkward experience as we try to navigate the needs of the new additions on top of all the hormones and emotions raging. But over time, we eventually figure out the best way to deal with the extra baggage on our chests.

Or at least, we think we do. It turns out that most of us ladies are completely wrong or simply in the dark when it comes to what we put our boobs through. At best, so many of us are enduring far more discomfort than necessary that could be easily avoided — at worst, we’re putting our health in serious danger by not paying close enough attention to their needs.

I know I’m guilty of a few of the mistakes below, but I’m so glad I know the facts now.

Did we miss any little known bad habits that affect our breasts? Let us know in the comments and be sure to SHARE with your loved ones!

1. Wear The Wrong Size Bra

1. Wear The Wrong Size Bra

Only 1 in 4 women wear their correct size, most running a bit too small. That extra bit of cleavage might look nice, but on top of being uncomfortable, studies show that squeezing into too-petite cups can restrict blood flow and cause scar tissue to form that potentially leads to cancer.

2. Pluck Stray Hairs

2. Pluck Stray Hairs

Every time you tug one of those pesky follicles from that sensitive area, you make the naturally thin skin much thicker, which frequently makes the hair grow back with more girth and inflammation.

3. Pinch Too Tight

3. Pinch Too Tight

We know some women enjoy a love bite or too while getting frisky with their partners. But these can also cause the same damage with scar tissue as wearing a bra that’s too small, leading to potentially painful issues. So try not to get too carried away in the boudoir.

4. Get A Nipple Piercing

4. Get A Nipple Piercing

Any piercing location runs the very common risk of becoming infected, but the nipple’s close proximity to the lymphatic system means that icky bacteria can quickly spread its way through your bloodstream.

5. Smoke Cigarettes

5. Smoke Cigarettes

The harsh chemicals you’re inhaling with each puff of a cigarette are notorious for taking a toll on your lungs, but they also seep into the skin and zap the elastin, which is what makes regular smokers start to appear saggy.

6. Let Them Run Free

6. Let Them Run Free

Heading out for a jog or hitting the gym without a sports bra, even for the most diminutive of ladies, can cause our girls to bounce around and form scar tissue on top of just being seriously painful for some.

7. Sleep Face Down

7. Sleep Face Down

While this doesn’t make your breast shrink as rumors have claimed, the overnight pressure can still alter their shape over time. Grab a pillow to prop them up, or sleep on your side instead.

8. Let Them Dry Out

8. Let Them Dry Out

Breasts have extremely thin skin, which can be prone to loss of elasticity and itchy flakes. Remember to moisturize regularly with firming cream or lotion, preferably something with UV protection as well.

9. Judge One Side More Harshly

9. Judge One Side More Harshly

You might be disappointed in the slightly smaller size of your right side and frustrated that they can’t just work together to look normal. The fact is that, statistically speaking, having one bigger than the other (usually the left) is one of the most common things females across the world share in common, so there’s no need to go rushing off to a plastic surgeon for a few ounces of difference.

Did we miss any important boob bad habits? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

Have lots of sex, live a whole lot longer

Women who have regular sex live longer, a study suggests. Scientists have uncovered the first biological evidence that frequent bedroom activity boosts lifespan by protecting our DNA. But the quality of a woman’s relationship has little impact on aging.

Researchers quizzed 129 women between 20 and 50 about their love lives. They then carried out blood tests to determine their long-term health prospects.

The study focused on telomeres — protective caps on the ends of DNA — that predict a person’s biological age. Thought of as tiny internal clocks, they shorten with time and eventually become so small that cells die. Experts found women who had regular sex had significantly longer telomeres — boosting their overall life expectancy.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, said: “This is an important finding.”

“It provides new evidence that sexual intimacy within long-term relationships has health-enhancing benefits.’’

Previous research has shown happy relationships improve well-being, with one theory being that couples benefit from mutual support.

In the new study, published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, researchers looked for biological evidence of health effects for the first time. Women in long-term relationships kept daily diaries for a week, including information on whether they had sex with their partner the previous night. Researchers also collected data on their relationship satisfaction. They then carried out blood tests and measured the length of participants’ telomeres.

Like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces that stop them fraying, the caps stop DNA being damaged. Shorter telomeres have been associated with aging, disease and a higher risk of death. The researchers found women who had sex during the course of the week-long study had telomeres that were up to 30 percent longer. But relationship quality had no effect on them.

Scientists did not study men, but believe an active love life would also add years to their lives.

Just how sex could have such an effect is unclear. One possibility is that it reduces stress, which has previously been linked to shorter telomeres. It may also boost the immune system, increasing the production of natural killer cells that fight disease.

Another theory is that it triggers the release of oxytocin — the so-called cuddle hormone — which has been linked to better health. Researcher Dr. Aric Prather of the University of California, San Francisco, said: “The comparison was between women who had sexual intimacy in the previous week and those who had not.”

“It is possible the greater the frequency of sexual intimacy, the stronger the effect, and we plan to investigate that at a later date.”

“Telomere length is linked to longevity, and if our results hold up in future studies, it may be that regular sexual intimacy can lead to a longer life.”

“We don’t know whether the same finding would be seen in men. It may apply to men — there is no obvious reason why it should not.”