Fort Lauderdale’s Mardi Gras Weekend

Get ready to celebrate Mardi Gras at Trapeze swingers club in Fort Lauderdale this weekend! Don’t wait until the weekend to party. We have parties Wednesday – Sunday every week!

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Atlanta’s Mardi Gras Weekend

Get ready to celebrate Mardi Gras at Trapeze swingers club in Atlanta this weekend! Don’t wait until the weekend to party. We have parties Wednesday – Sunday every week!

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8 Sex Toys Every Swinger Should Have

We came across this post by Play Passions and we just had to share! Play Passions listed 8 sex toys recommended for swingers and we couldn’t agree more!

#8 – A Swing

You’d think a sex swing would be closer to the top of this list but the truth is a sex swing is the largest of all the items we are about to mention and thus, the hardest to conceal. There are certainly swings that brag about how easy it is to disassemble but after a romping sex session, who has the energy or the desire to take it down? Good swing choices are the Trinity Sex Swing and the Spinning Sex Swing. And if you don’t want to hang in from the ceiling, use a Sex Swing Stand.

They are a lot of fun though and completely worth the effort. Nothing compares to sex in a weightless environment. And the positions, my oh my, the positions are great for both partners. Have her lay back and swing into a thrusting cock or put him in the swing and do him doggie. If you have the space to place a swing, get one.

#7 – A toy that plugs into the wall.

Vibrators that run off batteries are terrific but for serious vibrating-long-lasting-power try anything that plugs into a wall. The Magic Wand Original is an excellent example. Plug-in-Play is an experience that is not to be missed! The varied speeds and vibrations that are fueled by electrical current are far more powerful than what a mere battery can provide.

#6 – Strap On

Much better than a double headed dong because the strap on allows the girls to get in more positions. Look for one that provides both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation to both women. You’ll need a double-ended sex toy like the Fun Factory Share to achieve this with a strap on. Or for pleasing one girl at a time, use a silicone dong, such as the Tantus Curve. You’ll also need a comfortable, reliable harness like the SpareParts Hardwear Joque.

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#5 – A Unique Toy.

Swingers like new things. That’s why they swing! Try to find a toy that is unique, special or hard to find. A friendly discussion about your new unique toy can be a good ice breaker and will only lead to good times. The Fun Factory Lady BiHot Octopuss PULSE II DUO and Jimmyjane Intro 2 Dual Motor Clitoral Vibrator are examples of unique and exciting sex toys.

#4 – A G Spot Toy

Playing with her G Spot leads to happiness and happiness leads to satisfied lovers. Whether you call G Spot stimulation “experimenting”, “fantasy” or “a requirement to getting off”….a good G Spot toy is a must-have in your toy box. The Rave G-Spot Vibrator by We-Vibe and the LELO Gigi will reach what you’re after! Can’t afford one? Okay, use your fingers. You’ll be back for a G Spot toy when your hands give out!

#3 – A Glass Toy

Glass is so much fun to play with it because it is easy to lube, easy to clean and provides a completely different sensation than other materials. Try tossing one in boiling water or freezing it and let the cold/hot fun begin. The Prisms Shakti Glass Dildo toy is not only a work of art, but quite an experience. The Prisms Prana Glass Thrusting Wand is another that is so simple, yet so fun!

#2 – A Silicone Vibrator. Silicone is soft, silky, durable and firm. They come in all shapes and sizes and since they are nonporous, they are easy to clean. Many of the silicone vibrators feel very lifelike and because they are at the higher end in the price range, they also have better control over the speed and rhythms compared to cheaper plastic or jelly vibrators. The Jimmyjane Intro 4 Smoothie Vibrator and the Maia Confetti MV1 Silicone Vibrator work wonders!

#1 – A Small Waterproof Hard Plastic Vibrator

Surprised that our #1 pick is also the most affordable? We recommend a small vibe to swingers for a couple of reasons. First, it is small enough to fit in a pocket, her purse or even a bathrobe. The opportunity to use it does not always present itself but when it does, everyone seems happy we brought the little guy along. If you travel to resorts, pool parties or venture into a hot tub then pulling out a small waterproof vibe can not only be a great experience, it can also be a fun ice-breaker. Don’t be fooled by the size. Try the Athena Mini Massager for your next adventure – waterproof and packs quite a punch!


Source: “Swingers Sex Toys – Sex Toys Recommended for Swingers.” Play Passions – Premium Adult Sex Toys,

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Date Night at a Swingers Club Even if You Aren’t Swingers

1. Experience 5-Star Dining.

When I say “5-star dining,” I’m not exaggerating. Every meal at Trapeze Club is prepared by highly-regarded private chefs who prepare international cuisines using the highest quality ingredients to ensure your meals are the best you’ve ever experienced.

2. You get to BYOB.

When you have a date night at a swingers club you can bring your own bottle. With Trapeze being all-inclusive, you won’t have to worry about running up your check just to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Your personal bottle will be safely stored at the club and only you and your guests will be allowed to drink from it.

3. It’s sexy as HELL!

This one probably goes without saying, but swingers clubs are very sexy. If you’re not in the mood to play before heading out, you’ll definitely be in the mood once you get there.

4. Enjoy the dance floor.

Do you and your significant other enjoy dancing? The dance floors at a swingers club are packed with sexy, open-minded people. Release your inhibitions and cut a rug!

5. Spectate or play in the playrooms.

If you and your better half still aren’t swingers by the end of the night, that’s perfectly fine! Trapeze takes pride in maintaining a friendly, no-pressure environment. Feel free to head to the playrooms for a live show. You may even find an empty room where you can enjoy some alone time together.

The 1999 Raid and How Trapeze Club Risked it all For The Swinger Lifestyle

It’s been twenty years since the rather malicious incident that brought Broward County’s swinging subculture to an undesired worldwide audience. If such an incident happened today, you’d probably ask, “What is wrong with two or more adults engaging in consenting sexual activities?” Well, maybe if Trapeze Club hadn’t thrown in as many resources and as much energy into the case, we’d still have been watching our backs in nightclubs. That raid by overzealous sheriff’s deputies in a bid to nab adult swingers on February 7th, 1999 led to exposing the secret lives of 24 noncriminal adults to the world in numerous newspaper articles, magazines, and national TV shows. You might have seen the story appear on 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Hustler, and much more.

Trapeze Club, Swingers Club Atlanta, Swingers Club South Florida, Swingers Club Fort Lauderdale, Swingers Club Georgia, Sex Club

The role that Trapeze Club played in this struggle gave birth to the legal freedom enjoyed today by on-premises swingers clubs in the United States. The owners of Trapeze risked it all to stand for victims of the February 1999 raid and the Swinging Lifestyle. The club owners refused to fold. They footed the bill for the defense of their arrested members and fought on their behalf until all charges were dropped. It was a long battle but what mattered was that in the end, justice ensued.

To the owners of Trapeze, this case was more than fighting for their interest and whatever they stood to have lost. It was about fighting for the Lifestyle and fighting against injustice in the legal system that if allowed, would have entangled a part of the freedom granted to the American people till now. Their efforts almost singlehandedly led to the freedom swingers clubs have to operate everywhere today. The next time you share your wife in your favorite on-premises swingers club, remember that Trapeze fought for you to have that right.

Happy Swinging!

You can read more about the story and all that happened at that time in these news articles and videos:,amp.html