10 Role Playing Ideas

We are encouraging all of our members to participate in some good ole role playing this weekend at our Star Whores Party in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale! In honor of all the Princess Leias strutting around the club this Saturday, here are 10 more role playing ideas you should explore! Many thanks to Cosmopolitan for writing this awesome article!

1. Getting it on with your manager or work superior

Role play often relies on breaking taboos and creating power dynamics. Therefore, unsurprisingly, work based role plays are a bedroom staple. But, if you want to truly channel the office vibes, maybe leave the bed altogether and try having sex on a table or desk. While this can result in a slightly bruised bum or desperate fumbling as you try to move your laptop out of harm’s way, overall, it’ll be worth it. Just make sure you’ve moved any sharp pencils from the area…

2. The classic maid or butler

This role play can have as much historical flair as you like. If you’re a keen historian and/or have watched Downtown Abbey (aren’t they roughly the same thing?), you might want to play at being a member of home help staff, obeying a master or mistress.

3. An erotic massager

Given that massages essentially make someone as horny as possible without ever getting them off, a massage that takes you ‘all the way’ is a real treat. But, if you’re playing the masseuse, make sure you pay attention to all the different parts of your partner’s body before you start to getting it on. That way the pay off will be even more satisfying.

4. An erotic visitor from outer space

Yeah, I’m aware aliens don’t have the best reputation for being sexy – no one looks at E.T. and thinks ‘take me now’. I’m thinking more of a ‘Rocky’ figure, in Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you pretend that your partner is totally new to this planet, has never had, or even heard of, sex, it’ll encourage you to slowly and sensually explain what’s going on (why they’re hard or wet, what they want to do to you, how what you’re about to do will make them feel).

5. Someone you don’t know

Get your partner to approach you as though you’ve never met and are complete strangers, to treat your body like they’ve never seen it before, and to take you with all the frenzied lust that drives two people who don’t know each other’s names to jump into bed together. It’s the best of both worlds: all the fun of stranger sex without any of the anxiety that the person you’re sleeping with might be an absolute fuckboy/girl/person who will ghost you tomorrow.

This role play’s an easy one to accessorize with wigs, too.

6. An authority figure (GP or medical professional)

The doctor/patient scenario is hot because it involves an authority figure. But this becomes still hotter when the authority figure has a reason to touch you – AND if you have a sexy doctor’s or nurse’s outfit.

Try giving your partner a ‘physical’ and explain to them that a normal side effect of such procedures is that they might start to really, really want to have sex with you.

7. Outdoorsy scenes

By this I mean rural romps… I’m talking farm hand or milk maid based role play. Practice perfecting your southern American twang and pretend you’re rolling around in a haystack. Try your best to recreate the naughtiness of doing it alfresco as well as the romance of the wilderness – even if in reality, you’re only shagging with the window open and rolling about laughing at those dodgy accents.

8. Your first time

Because, for most people, actually losing their virginity was either painful, embarrassing or unfulfilling, it’s fun to be able to recreate the event. Maybe put on a soundtrack that reminds you of your teens and try and remember that time of sexual frustration. Bring that extreme desire back to the surface and allow it to erupt all over again – but this time, hopefully, with a little more control and skill.

9. Yogi master/instructor

It doesn’t matter how flexible you are – anyone can make a yoga role play work. You can go pro, contorting your body into impressive yet erotic positions, or you can embrace being a total novice and simply waggle your bum in the air claiming it’s ‘downward dog’. Whatever your aptitude, pretending to be a yoga instructor can be a particularly fun, experimental role play, encouraging you to adopt ambitions positions and to serenely instruct your partner where to place their limbs.

10. Monarchy, darling

Whatever your personal, political stance on the monarchy, regal role plays can be very hot. You may not fancy Prince William, but that doesn’t mean you don’t fancy playing-at being a princess. I mean, I reckon the only reason we haven’t abolished the monarchy is that we find the whole thing, well, sexy. But don’t let the royals have all the fun – bring the eroticism of dynasty to your one bedroom flat and command that your lover reveal their *ahem* scepter.


Happy Swinging! May the 4th be with you!



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Biggest Turnoffs in a Swingers Club

We asked our fellow swingers on social media what their biggest turnoffs are when attending a swingers club and here are the results!

1. Pushy People

The #1 turnoff according to our followers is pushiness. When you attend a swingers club, focus on building a natural chemistry before suggesting heading to the playrooms. The suggestion only needs to be made once. If you have to ask twice, they’re not interested.

2. Poor Hygiene

In second place comes hygiene. Practicing good hygiene before attending a swingers club should be an automatic. Take a shower, brush your teeth, deodorize, and comb your hair.

3. Unfriendly people

Thirdly, unfriendliness is a major turnoff for our fellow swingers. Even if you aren’t interested, be courteous and polite. We want to keep our fellow swingers encouraged and uplifted, so put on a smile with that g-string!

4. Immature single men

Guys, we’re all adults here so lets act like it! Check out these 6 tips for single males attending a swingers club.

We hope to see you all at our parties in Atlanta and South Florida this week.

Happy Swinging!

Deep Throating 101

In honor of our Throat Masters Deep Throat tournament this Friday, we searched the web for the best deep throating advice. Lovense.com shared the ultimate guide to not gagging. Take a look at these 8 tips by Lovense.com before entering our tournament this Friday night!



This isn’t like a regular blowjob.

If you try to suck like a vacuum, it will be very unpleasant – your jaw muscles and mouth will get sore very fast and you won’t take in enough air (which can cause more problems).

The softness and natural “O” of your mouth (and eventually your throat) will be enough of a sensation.



It is the main enemy in the deepthroat battle.

It’s also different for each person.

37% of women are lucky enough not to have one, while others are so sensitive, they’ll vomit just thinking about putting something near the back of their throat.

It’s also not ONE part of the throat, but a whole area that can trigger a pharyngeal reflex – the roof of the mouth, the back of the tongue, the tonsil area etc.

There are several tricks people claim work, like bunching your fists with your thumb under your fingers etc.

However, in the end, it comes down to one simple fact …

You have to practice and train your gag reflex to calm down.



  • First, get a toothbrush, dildo, your finger, or anything else thin yet phallic shaped.
  • Slowly move the object to the back of the throat. When you feel a gag creep up, stop there and don’t go any further.
  • Try to relax and keep breathing while you actively try to suppress your gag reflex.
  • Hold it there for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle a few times.
  • Do this two or three times a week, by the end, you’ll see a bit of improvement.
  • Keep doing this until you feel you can slowly move it in and out.
  • There will be extra stimulation during this step, so the need to gag will be heavier. Stay calm, keep breathing, and relax the spasms.
  • A few more weeks of this, and you’ll be ready to impress your man.


SIDE NOTE: the word “desensitizing” might freak out some people (like they’re altering their body’s natural reactions etc.),

but keep in mind…

Even dentists use little tricks to help their clients lessen the urge to gag, so they can go about their work without ending up covered in vomit.

It’s okay and safe (remember that some people don’t have one at all).

Close-up profile side view cropped portrait of nice alluring adorable glamorous charming attractive sweet lovely wavy-haired lady holding biting banana red lips isolated over pink pastel background


Your partner might have the urge to grab your head and shove his wand in further.


This could be for three reasons:

  • He’s oblivious to the fact it creates discomfort and a need to gag
  • He’s lost in pleasure and lets his body take over
  • He’s a dickbag

Some men do like the sound of gagging (it’s a, my dick is huge thing).

JUST REMEMBER: For some people, despite your desensitizing training, there’s no way to make it 100% go away. It’s a hard maneuver in general.

Have a talk with your partner and remind them that their job is to hand over all the movement and controls to you and take it like a champ.



Finding the right position will also help.

There’s no “ideal” way to place your bodies, but anything that aligns your throat straight to the penis will work wonders.

Try laying on your back with your head just over the bed or tilting your head back (chin up) in any way that will make a straight line to your stomach.

It won’t be going down that far, but it will cause the least aggravation to the soft pallet.



It might sound like a no-brainer, but having a penis lodged part way in your throat makes breathing harder (or impossible if he’s big).

You’ll have to find a way to get some oxygen.


There are a few ways:

  • Inhale as you slide him out and use that moment to take a quick breath.
  • Others say inhaling as he’s sliding in works too – but this will depend on how big he is.
  • You might also want to try sticking out your tongue while your deep throat. The action creates a slight gap to allow air in (so it could be possible to inhale as he is going IN). And the sensation of running along your tongue will be extra nice.
  • Take a break. It’s totally acceptable to stop whenever you need. It might not be ideal for “continuous sensations” but any decent man will understand. Besides, you can just use your hands or give regular head until you’re ready to dive in again.



If you have a smaller throat and your partner has a bigger penis, it might just be physically impossible to deepthroat.



  • Be prepared for a lot of salivae. There’s no way to get around it.
  • When you brush your teeth, brush far back along the tongue.
  • It’s hard to gag and HUM at the same time, so hum a little (tune optional).
  • I’ll also say again that gagging in some degree is inevitable, even for a porn star, so don’t sweat it and just try to reduce it as much as possible.


We can’t wait to see you all Friday night! Happy swinging!



Robyn. “8 Tips on How to Deep Throat – The Ultimate Guide to Not Gagging.” Lovense, www.lovense.com/sex-tips/how-to-deep-throat.

9 Hand Job Tips That Will Drive Him Insane

Giving a hand job may sound pretty easy and straightforward, but there are different things you can try to stand out from the rest!

1. Start outside the pants.

Gently massage his penis, testicles, and inner thighs outside of his pants. This will get him excited.

2. Gently move inside.

After playing with him from that outside for a couple of minutes, gently reach your hand into his pants. Keep your touch very soft and run your fingers up and down his penis with your fingertips.

3. Involve the precum.

At this point, he may have some precum at the tip of his penis. Run your finger over it and spread the precum over the head of his penis. This will feel amazing to him.

4. Use your thumb.

When you finally begin to stroke his penis with your hand, use your thumb to massage the head of his penis. For best results, use lube! This might take a while to master, but it will set you apart from the rest if you’re able learn this technique.

5. Use both hands.

While stoking with one hand, use the other hand to make small circles around the tip of his penis. You can even use your tongue here for extra pleasure.

6. Balls play.

A man’s testicles are sensitive and you should use this to your advantage. While you’re giving him a hand job with one hand, use your other hand to fondle or gently squeeze his testicles. If you’re feeling extra naughty, lick and suck on them as well.

7. Milk him.

Have him get on all fours, position yourself behind him, and milk him like a cow. While you’re in this position, suck on his testicles. It will drive him crazy!

8. Twist in opposite directions.

When using both hands to pleasure your man, twist your hands in opposite directions. Be sure to use lube when you do this.

9. Change up the location.

Do you only give him hand jobs in the bedroom? Try switching it up. Give him a hand job while he’s brushing his teeth, sitting on the couch, or driving. Mix it up, girl!


Happy swinging!