Oral Sex Etiquette for Swingers


Written by SwingersHelp.com.


We all enjoy some oral sex but if you want to have repeat sessions of this fun treat, it would be a good idea to follow some basic rules of etiquette.  You & your regular partner probably have a good understanding and don’t need to think about these issues.  But when you start swinging with new people there won’t be that understanding.  To keep everyone happy & protect your reputation as a good swinging partner, we are going to spell out many different aspects to handle for hot, happy & consensual oral sex.

Communicate With Your Partner

It doesn’t matter if you are soft swap, full swap or whatever.  Make sure to ask your swinging partner what is allowed and preferred.  Don’t assume anything.  Some people prefer to be on top and others prefer the bottom or laying on their side when giving oral attention.  Some people like a very soft approach & others enjoy being more vigorous.  ASK!  Don’t assume anything.

Gently Ease In

Hopefully you already asked and know what they like & where you can finish.  Still you should always start slow & ease into it.  It is easier to turn up the volume and go harder than it is to dial back.  If you go too hard, too soon you can risk making it not feel good and having the entire play date stop.  Not everyone’s definition of hard, rough, fast or deep is the same.  Ease into it and use their feedback to adjust accordingly.  When in doubt, ask.  Don’t roughly pull hair or ears.  Even if they ask for it, gradually ease into it.


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to grooming and the swinging lifestyle.  Start with the basics – be freshly showered.  Then focus on your hair down there.  You don’t need to go bald but at least tidy things up.  Coughing up hairballs is what cats do, not swingers.

Diet Changes Flavor

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Yes, your diet can actually impact the flavor of your flow so take some smart precautions.  Increase your fruit intake 2-3 days before a date for a sweeter taste (pineapple really works wonders).  Skip asparagus the day of fun to avoid junkyard smells.  In general try to decrease coffee, cigarettes, and red meat which can lead to slightly bitter flavors.

Dessert Buffet

If you are going to bring in some sweet stuff like chocolate sauce, whip cream, sucking candies, or whatever to make the oral session into a sweet dessert, be careful to keep everything on the outside.  Sugar and other stuff can screw up the internal balance and boost the chance of an infection.  Play it safe and keep it on the outside.

Scrub Up

This one really should go without saying but we’ve heard too many horror stories to leave it out.  If you are going to have fun with a lady, wash your hands before the fun.  Oral attention often involves some fingers and dirty fingers can lead to UTIs.  Never play with the brown side before playing with the pink side, that also greatly increases the chance of UTI.  If you give a lady a UTI, she is not going to be happy with you.  Be smart & use good hygiene. If you are going to have fun with a guy and you have been eating something spicy – make sure you wash up.  A little spice residue can burn extra hot on the sensitive skin down below.



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Outdoor Sex

Written by Emily Morse

Having sex outdoors can be a thrilling adventure to share with a partner, but requires some important elements for success.

Of course, please use some discretion as you plan your al fresco exploits.

After all, outdoor sex is generally not legal and certainly not appreciated by your average passerby…

If you’re worried about getting caught, you can experience a bit of the thrill by fooling around on your apartment’s balcony, or in your backyard, a garage, or a pool. (Just make sure the fence is high enough that your neighbors don’t get a free show).

From there, you can your way up to more scandalous spots. Skirts with no panties, and pants that unzip help to make a quick and at least semi-clothed getaway in case you have to make a mad dash for it.


Scouting for sexotic venues? L’amour at the beach is a good choice, because you’re weightless in water, which also provides the perfect cover for frisker activities. Or try something grittier, like a public restroom in your favorite club.

You might be overtaken by feelings of passion while out on a hike. Or you might be packing for a full-scale erotic camping trip. Either way, the experience can be enhanced by just a little planning.

If you want to dart off the trail and do it like bunnies, take the time to find a spot that’s semi-remote, obscured by the trees, or behind big rocks. Be sure to avoid any stinging plants or thorny bushes.

For a less impromptu frolic, set up a rustic but romantic campsite, complete with a comfortable air mattress in your tent. Remember, that just because no one can see in your tent doesn’t mean they can’t hear you.

Keep quiet if you want to avoid startling park rangers, other campers, and, of course, the animals.

Happy Swinging!



Morse, Emily. “Outdoor Sex – Just the Tip, Relationship Advice, Top Story.” Sex With Emily, 26 Apr. 2019, sexwithemily.com/outdoor-sex/#more-13581.

How To Eat Pussy Like A Pro

Written by: Juicebox

Basics of of How to Eat Pussy

1. Variety, then consistency

One of the best ways to learn how to eat pussy is by trying a bunch of different things. Explore her vulva with your tongue and lips, all while paying attention to how your partner responds. Listen for sounds of pleasure and words of affirmation. If she shirks away or makes an ambiguous sound, pull back and try something else. When you do something that she really likes, KEEP DOING THAT THING. This can be challenging at first, but you’ll become a heat-seeking missile when it comes to locking onto That Thing your lady likes.

2. Offer positive affirmation

You can’t learn how to eat pussy if your partner won’t let you near it! This is often due to insecurity. Society still tells women that vulvas are smelly or ugly. To counteract this negative messaging, try telling her how sexy she looks, smells, and tastes. Tell her she’s beautiful (or whatever adjective would work for her) and make sure she knows you think her body is just delightful. Help her relax into receiving.

3. Respect the clit

Don’t go for the clit too soon. Take your time. Explore her labia and vaginal opening with your mouth. And once you are focused on the clit, understand you may be down there for a while. Give yourself over to the experience. It’s a gift to be allowed to put your mouth on someone’s genitals. Honor that gift and the person by not rushing. Indulge the experience. Practice gratitude.

4. Take your time eating pussy

Anticipation is a huge part of sexual arousal, and it’s essential as you learn how to eat pussy. Take your time working down towards your partner’s vulva. Once you’re between her legs, don’t just dig in. Keep playing. Lick and kiss her labia and thighs. Give her whole genital area some attention. Kiss her outer lips. Nibble and suck on her inner lips. Take your tongue close to her clit or even graze it, but don’t go for it just yet. Direct clit stimulation needs a build-up. Instead, french kiss the vulva, nibble at her thighs and labia, and generally take time to warm up your partner.

5. Don’t underestimate the shaft of the clit

Like the shaft of the penis, moving the skin against the erectile tissue can feel delightful and stimulate all the good parts attached to it. In fact, many people don’t like the feeling of glans stimulation at all. This is especially true for folks who tend to run more “sensitive”—the kinds of people who are super ticklish, don’t like vibrators, or for whom even direct nipple stimulation can feel like too much. Don’t know what your partner likes? Ask!

6. Don’t be afraid to take breaks while eating pussy

Pussy-eating can be a workout. It’s okay to take breaks. If you need to do something else because you’re having cramps or numbness in your mouth or muscles, then do it. One important tip: if you’re changing it up, be clear that’s what you’re doing. Sometimes a person might think you just “slipped” off the spot if the switching of gears is too subtle.

7. Change positions

If you have mobile issues, it can be hard to figure out how to eat pussy comfortably. Consider different positions, including “Queening” (aka face-sitting) or eating pussy from behind. Both these positions can be easier on your neck compared to the “traditional” missionary-style position.

pink citrus representing a vulva

How to Eat Pussy Like a Pro

How to Eat Pussy Like a Pro:

  1. Consider how she likes her nipples stimulated. This can give you some clues how to eat her pussy. Some people love intense pressure, sucking, and nibbling. Some people find that to be way too much. Use what you know about her nipples to play with her clit. Often these are very similar.
  2. Try the “Tiny Blowjob.” Just as the clitoral glans is analogous to the penis head, the clitoral hood is analogous to the foreskin. The hood is richly innervated and can feel amazing to stimulate. Explore licking the hood or moving it back and forth across the clit shaft with your mouth.
  3. Penetrate with Permission. Not everyone loves vaginal penetration with their clit stimulation. In fact, it can be distracting or annoying for some folks. So when it doubt, ask. It can be as simple as, “Would you like a finger inside you?”
  4. How to eat pussy while staying safe? STIs and STDs can be transmitted via oral sex with a vulva. If you’re concerned, make sure both you and your partner have been tested. Menstrual blood can be a carrier for hepatitis. If you’re going to be performing cunnilingus on a menstruating person, discuss hepatitis vaccination and testing status, or ask your partner to wear a tampon or menstrual cup.


Now that you know the basics of how to eat pussy, don’t be afraid to experiment. Talk to your partner about what she likes, and ask for feedback during the cunnilingus itself. The fun part is the practice!


Want more? Check out The Do’s and Don’ts of Fingering A Woman!

Happy Swinging!



“How to Eat Pussy: 7 Tips to Become a Cunnilingus Expert.” Juicebox, www.juiceboxit.com/blog/how-to-eat-pussy.

7 Ways To Celebrate Masturbation Month

Did you know that May is International Masturbation Month? Use this time to really explore your body and practice some good ole self-love! Not sure how to celebrate? Well, Kristen Sollee has provided us with 7 ways to celebrate Masturbation Month!

1. Make A Feminist Sex Shop Pilgrimage

There’s a bounty of feminist sex shops out there, but if you can step into a brick and mortar one, even better. Although most of us don’t have the time to subscribe to Masturbation Monthly (in my head that’s what the hip, underground mag detailing all the best new gear is called), your local sex shop sales associate should know the deets on the latest toys. Test their knowledge, and ask about something you’ve never thought to try.

2. Make A Masturbation Mix

If you’re the type who’d spend hours getting yourself ready for a sex date, why not do the same for a solo sex date? Crafting a perfect combination of put-you-in-the-mood tunes will provide a welcome dose of aural pleasure as you lock the door, light some candles, and get into the zone.

3. Talk To Your Friends About Masturbation

If you don’t already, why not take this unofficial holiday as an excuse to talk to your friends about masturbation? Not only does it normalize one aspect of female sexuality that still faces stigma, but you might learn a tip or trick or two in the process.

4. Try A Method You’ve Never Tried Before

If you’ve been masturbating for over a decade, it might be time to makeover your style. After checking out the latest sex tech that can make your solo sex experience feel like Star Trek, take it for a spin, even if it’s not your usual method. Or, if you’re already well-versed in gadgetry, see what happens if you try hands-only, a new position, or a location shift for your May moments of self-satisfaction.

5. Masturbate With A Partner

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It’s still all about you even if there’s someone else involved. Partnered masturbation play can be insanely enjoyable, especially if you include a hands-to-yourself rule.