How To Have Sex Sitting Down

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Comfy and casual, couches are the ideal sex tool. They provide additional back support, and their low height (compared to most beds) make a range of sexual positions possible.

You can try these moves regardless of your gender and sex organs. The person on the bottom of the position can use a penis, strap-on, dildo, or finger for penetrating the person on top. These positions are great if your movement is limited, some can even be done in a wheelchair. Wahoo!

The person on top can straddle their partner’s lap. Being supported by the soft padded sofa cushions can make riding easier on their knees.

If the cushions aren’t cooperating, the person on the bottom can bounce their knees a bit, sending their partner up and down with hardly any effort.

If you’d like to add some sex toys, either or both partners can enjoy anal stimulation with a butt plug like the Ditto by WeVibe, or pop a ring style mini-massager like the Liz by Pave on your finger and tantalize every erogenous zone.

In this delightful variant, you hold hands so your partner can lean back farther. This creates an anchoring line that allows for heavier rocking and rolling. If the top partner has a vagina, this angle can help aid in some g-spot stimulation for a powerful blended orgasm.

Want a sexy twist on this move for some bonus points? Of course you do. Try this one fully dressed, though you’ll want the top partner to have a skirt or dress on. When you’re getting hot and heavy, place a Moxie vibe in the top partner’s panties, positioning it for maximum stimulation. Pull their panties to the side and get penetrating, using a little communication to make sure they still have good contact with the Moxie.

This twist is an advanced addition, and it creates that ‘just gotta have it’ feeling. Very hot.

You may have seen a standing wheelbarrow position depicted in books or movies- the man standing, penetrating the woman while she walks on her hands. It looks interesting in a Discovery Channel sort of way, but it’s not easy or even that pleasurable. Instead of going to extremes for no reason whatsoever, try this alternative wheelbarrow.

To get into this position, the top partner starts in reverse cowgirl (or cowboy/cow-person), then slowly leans forward so that their hands rest on the floor, clutching the carpet for support. The bottom partner sits there while they get in a comfortable position. Now get grinding! Adding in a cock ring like the Pivot by WeVibe provides amazing clitoral stimulation.


Alright, now that you know everything about having great sex sitting down, go for it! Take a seat and don’t leave the couch till you cum…


Happy Swinging!


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How to Enjoy Your First Orgy


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Are you curious about what happens at an orgy?  We are here to unlock that mystery and help guide you to enjoy your first foray into swinging group play. This is not some Hollywood fantasy.  Real life is never as glamorous or as perfect as it looks like in the movies so make sure to have realistic expectations.  That being said, real swinger orgies are crazier, hotter, and sexier than Hollywood will ever be able to capture.  Real life porn right in front of your face with people who desire you is amazing.  So keep reading and have a great time!

Every Orgy is Different

We are going to generalize a good bit here.  Because orgies are organized by different people with different preferences and different guests, no two are going to be the same.  Even when the same organizers use the same set of rules, it can be different depending on who shows up and how they behave.  Sometimes people are experienced and and attracted to one another so it’s an amazing time.  Other times, it can be all nervous newbies and couples lacking sexy chemistry, making the night more awkward and ho hum.  Because it is always different and things can get a bit crazy, this is usually not the easiest option for mistake prone rookie swingers.

Consent is Important

Just because it is an orgy does not mean there are no rules.  Consent must be given by everyone and can be revoked at any time.  To simplify things, the organizers might have all guests form a circle and ask if everyone is ok with everything or if anyone has limits.  This group consent is a good first step, but it is important to be clear about who the consent applies to.  When in doubt, always ask before touching anyone else.  It can be as simple as saying “Can I touch your …?” If someone touches you and you don’t want it, speak up immediately.  Clear & honest communication is vital to everyone having a good time.  Swingers understand that no means no and everyone should respect each other’s personal boundaries and comfort levels, but that doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing.  Always look out for yourself & your partner.

Less Alcohol, More Water

Because orgies can get crazy, you want to be in your best shape physically & mentally.  That means don’t get drunk.  If you have too much booze, you might not be able to look out for yourself & your partner and you won’t be able to perform at your sexiest.  Imagine having sexy time with three or five other people simultaneously.  That regularly happens in an orgy so drink more water and less alcohol.  Because so many people are involved, it can go on for hours.  Some people might take a break while the group continues to play.  Be ready for hours of sexy fun.

Simple Beats Fancy

Orgies are focused on great sex so everything else takes a back seat.  That means don’t worry about wearing your fanciest swinger outfit, lingerie or jewelry.  With so many moving arms & legs and whatnot splashing around, you don’t want to risk ruining any of your fanciest stuff.  Go with things that look sexy good and are simple & easy to get off & back on.  Don’t bring your fancy sex toys.  You probably won’t have much room to use as space can be pretty tight with so many horny people involved.   You can bring a simple strap-on or vibrator but otherwise you probably want to save your sex toys when you don’t have a bunch of sexy people lining up to play with you.




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