10 Things You DIDN’T Know About The Clitoris!

Written by Kaylen Jackson on LoveAndSexAnswers.com

The clitoris does nothing but give sexual pleasure to a woman – it has no reproductive capabilities and women don’t use it to pass urine or for anything else really – just plain and simple sexual pleasure. Check out these other amazing things you didn’t know about this amazing sexual organ!

It Has Over 8,000 Nerve Endings
Yep, you read that right. The clitoris boasts over 8,000 nerve endings, which is double the nerve endings in the entire penis – and four times the nerve endings in the head of the penis alone!

It Is Made Of The Same Erectile Tissue As A Penis – And It Gets Hard Too!
The tissue that comprises both the clitoris and the penis are the same. During the fetal stage, before birth, the tissue forms either into sexual organ, depending on whether the fetus has XX (female) or (XY) chromosomes. Since a clitoris is made from erectile tissue just like a penis, it too gets hard when a woman is aroused!

It Exists Only To Provide Pleasure

The clitoris does not perform any reproductive function. It doesn’t urinate, it doesn’t give birth to babies (in humans) and it doesn’t do anything but sit there, waiting for the right kind of stimulation to produce an orgasm. So pay special attention to this little guy during sex!

Her Clitoral Orgasm Lasts Longer Than Yours
Even the best male orgasms can’t compare to the length – and quality – of a female orgasm. A really good male orgasm is lasts about 7-10 seconds, while a clitoral orgasm can last anywhere from 15-20 seconds for a woman. In a woman who is able to have multiple orgasms, she may have them so close together that it feels like one big, long orgasm – which can last for several minutes!

The Part You See Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
The small bud that peeks out of the clitoral hood isn’t all there is to it – it extends down into the body about four inches (the average size of a man’s penis when it is not erect). It consists of the clitoral bulbs, which rest against the vaginal walls, and the clitoral legs, which reach all the way down to the bottom of her vaginal opening and anus.

The “Hood” Is Just Like Your Foreskin
The clitoral hood is designed to protect the glans from undue friction. Since there are so many nerve endings in the glans, too much friction, a rough touch or even just rubbing up against a pair of jeans can cause extreme pain. The glans tucks itself away under the hood until a woman is aroused to prevent this. However, there are many cases of clitoridectomy and female circumcision (the surgical removal of the glans or the clitoral hood, also called female genital mutilation). It is estimated that up to two million of these procedures are performed yearly in countries outside the U.S.

It’s Not Subject To Age
While a woman’s breasts may sag and her skin may get wrinkles as she ages, her clitoris won’t be subject to the changes her body is going through. It may get a little larger over time, but it’s ability to give intense, orgasmic pleasure to a woman is the same whether she’s 18 or 88.

A Clitoral Piercing Rarely Goes Through The Actual Glans
You may think that a clitoris piercing would be pretty painful (and it is) but it’s rare that this type of piercing actually goes through the clitoral tissue. Most of the time, it will either go behind the glans or through the clitoral hood, which is much less painful than if the actual erectile tissue is pierced. This allows the jewelry to rub against the glans during sex, making the pleasure even more intense.

Some Experts Believe The G-Spot Is Actually The Legs Of The Glans

If you were to peel away the skin of the vaginal walls, you would see the bottom of the clitoris, or the “bulbs.” Some experts believe that the g-spot really is an extension of the glans – and pressing on it firmly during intercourse or fingering is actually stimulating the very bottom of the bulbs.

Female Hyenas Give Birth Through The Clitoris
Believe it or not, the birth canal in the female hyena is actually through the clitoris. During pregnancy, it will begin to hang below the body (about 7 inches) and when the hyena is ready to give birth, she will expel the cub through a 1 inch diameter hole. Imagine a man giving birth through his penis! This is very dangerous and many first time hyena mothers die during the birthing process.

Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/10-things-you-didnt-know-about-the-clitoris/


Written by Madison Price on SexWithEmily.com

Have you ever heard that saying “Sex is like pizza – Even when it’s bad, it’s still good”?

While this may be true for most, there is one exception to that rule: Oral sex.

When done correctly, a blow job can be the perfect weapon to have in your arsenal.

It’s hot, it’s intimate and has the power to catapult you to new realms of ‘dream girl’ territory. When done poorly, however… A blow job can go from a delicious meal to one of those sad cold Lunchables pizzas. Vaguely reminiscent of the real thing, but still totally dissatisfying.

So how do you make sure that you’re serving up some deep dish, Chicago-style oral sex?

If you’re ready to take your oral sex skills to the next level, and give your guy a BJ that will blow his mind (among other things), here are some fun tricks to get you started…


Well for starters, nothing turns a guy on more than being able to see women enjoying themselves while giving head. Most men agree that enthusiasm is possibly the hottest thing a girl can bring into a BJ.

If you act like you’re sucking down cough medicine, icky faces and all, your dude may start to feel self-conscious or feel guilty. The more you seem to be enjoying it, the more he will enjoy it.


Secondly, don’t be afraid to try new things down there! They say variety is the spice of life, and there is really nothing worse than a bland blow job. Although rhythm is extremely important, your moves should have some variation.

Mix things up by varying between slow sensual slurps, light quick licks, and the oh-so-popular head bobbing maneuver. Incorporate all tools at your disposal (hands, lips, tongue, cheeks, the occasional toy or two).


This goes back to tip one. For guys, one of the hottest things a girl can do during a BJ is to show how much she is actually enjoying it. If you cooked your dude a big fancy meal, all it takes is a few yummy noises to really make you feel appreciated, right? The same thing applies here.

Little “Mmms” and “Aaahhs” can really heighten the experience for your dude, and make him feel like you are not only okay with going down on him, but are actually into it.

That being said, overdo it and you run the risk of distracting him and killing the whole thing. Less is definitely more. Be cute and get into it, but try not to sound like a cannibal at a human meat buffet. Or do, if that’s his thing.


There’s a big myth going around that vibrators are only for the ladies. Well, I am here to tell you to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX (Vagina.. Box.. Get it?) The fact is, the head of the penis has the same kind of nerve endings as the clitoris, meaning that your dude’s penis gets the same kind of enjoyment from vibrating accessories.

If you’re looking for a hands-free helper to spice up your next BJ, the Pivot by WeVibe can be a great addition to your already mind-blowing routine. Everything that makes it amazing during sex (the deep rumbles, the multiple vibration patterns, the erection-strengthening blood restriction) carries over for more pleasurable oral experiences.

Try picking a favorite rumbling pattern (I like the long deep rumbles, personally), and match your mouth and hand motions to the same rhythm!


We’ve all heard of “Hummers”, that move where you hum while going down on a guy, which for some reason (okay, porn) were really popular in college. Hummers get a lot of positive word of mouth (haha) but I’ve never really found them to be THAT mind-blowing.

Like many porn-related sex acts, hummers are a cute idea in theory, but aren’t always as spectacular as we’ve been lead to believe.

If you really want to wow your guy next time you set up to go down, I recommend grabbing your favorite hand-held vibe (the Wish By WeVibe, for example). When you have him in your mouth, turn your vibe to the lowest setting and touch it to your cheek. Boom! With your mouth completely surrounding his manhood, he should be able to feel the vibrations more deeply. This magnifies the already great work your lips and tongue are doing.


Balls can actually be pretty intimidating for such small, sensitive creatures. The penis is easy. Most penises appreciate the same kinds of attention, we know what to do with penises. When it comes to the balls, on the other hand, proceed with caution. Why? Because no two sets are the same.

You might find yourself with one guy who really likes his balls to be tugged and batted around like a cat with a toy… But there is no guarantee that the next guy won’t have a hypersensitive, don’t-even-stroke-them situation. All balls are different, so I’d advise talking to your dude before you start manhandling (or licking) his family jewels.

Once you’ve got the green light, the best move that I have had success with involves cupping his balls while you’re going down on him. With one hand and your mouth working his penis, let the other hand gently cradle his danglers. If he doesn’t freak out immediately, try cupping them a little firmer. Hold them close to his body, but DO NOT squeeze just yet. Then, right before he is about to come, give them a tiny little squeeze. After all is done, and you’ve done the cleanup, ask him how he felt about your ball move, and proceed from there.


When a guy is really getting into a good blow job, his whole body is super sensitive. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to do a little multi-tasking (It’s what we’re best at, right?). So while your mouth is doing work, don’t be afraid to let your hands roam into some neighboring areas.

The lower back/top of ass region is loaded with little nerves that, during arousal, will respond to even the slightest of caresses. If he is standing and you are on your knee, try lightly stroking the lowest part of his back to the top of his butt with your fingertips. If he starts to giggle and squirm, stop immediately, but be sure to save the spot in your memory for use later (tickle fights – have mercy!)

Another guy favorite: The ass squeeze! While in the same position (you on your knees, him standing) try squeezing his butt and bringing him deeper into your mouth. It shows him that you are in control, and feels pretty damn good too!


A lot of women tend to shy away from the infamous 69 position, and with good reason. Despite the porn-fueled popularity of this seemingly “win-win” set up, the fact is that 69 can be awkward. The positioning is uncomfortable, the angles are all wrong, and you are so busy holding yourself up that you lose the ability to try out all those awesome hand tricks you’ve been working on.

If you’re committed to mastering this sex act, which most guys LOVE by the way, then I’ve got a solution: Sideways 69!

Both of you lie on your sides, facing each other mouth-to-genitals. This variation gives you more flexibility, and definitely more balance, plus it leaves at least one hand free! Now you can both relax and focus on what’s really important: The pleasure.


I’d like to preface this by saying that not all guys like/need the deep throat. Plus, those who do like it don’t need it all the time. Deep-throating is just one ride at the blow job theme park… It’s not necessarily the main attraction.

Mix it into your repertoire, but feel free to use other techniques as well. That being said, there are a few ways to master the deep throat, Just keep your mind (and your throat) open.

-Remember that you are in control. A lot of guys like to do the head push number, but on behalf of women everywhere, let me be clear. That does NOT fly (unless you have a ‘safe gesture’ planned in advance). So before you even start pleasuring him, ladies, let him know that his hands are free to roam but may not do any pushing of any kind. This way you can explore your own gag reflex without having to worry about a sneak attack, and go at your own pace.

-Relax. If the entire time you’re thinking “I’m gonna gag, I’m gonna gag”.. Guess what? Your throat is so tense, YOU’RE GOING TO GAG. Also, don’t worry about keeping your lips super tight around his penis while you’re going deep. If you let your lips fall open, you open up your throat a lot more! I know, you’re worried about getting drool everywhere. However, spit equals lube, and you can never have enough lubrication for a BJ.

-Find a good position. Don’t be afraid to experiment and move around until you find your deepthroat sweet spot!


If you really hate giving head, don’t like the taste, or are just looking for something fun to try, then I say bust out the BJ condiments!

  • Hot outside? Bring a little ice into the fun! I know what you’re thinking and you’re right – Ice directly on his member is going to be WAY too intense. Instead, try putting an ice cube in your mouth and letting it half melt. Then go in for the oral pleasure – The hot & cold sensations happening in your mouth will feel incredible on his most sensitive area.
  • Flavored lubricants can also be a fun way to spice up a blow job. Here’s a trick I’m currently obsessed with: Apply a tiny bit of your favorite tasty lube on to your lips like a lip gloss, then slowly slide your mouth up and down the shaft. Using the added lubrication, work your hands up and down the shaft while your mouth gently sucks the head! This full-service blow job will blow his mind, and the delicious taste is just for you.


The most important tip I can leave you with is to HAVE FUN WITH IT! Despite the misleading name, blow jobs are meant to be playful and interactive.

Try these moves out together and check in with each other to see what you like, what you don’t like, and what you can’t believe you’ve tried before!


Source: http://sexwithemily.com/blow-job-tricks-to-try-tonight/

Swinger Etiquette for Single Males


Written by SwingersHelp.com.


We know it is not easy being a single man in the swinger lifestyle.  To help you improve your odds, we will explain some helpful swinger etiquette for our single male friends. It’s important to be mindful of how your behavior can be interpreted or the extra meaning it can carry. In many ways that’s the most important tip – it’s not enough to be respectful and considerate, you have to make sure you’re communicating your respect for your partner’s (or partners’) boundaries, your attentiveness to their needs, or their appreciation of their company. Without this consideration for others at swingers’ events, you won’t get very far at all.

Consent, consent, consent

When you’re at a swingers event, it can be easy to get carried away with your own desires, but it’s absolutely vital you make sure you are getting consent from every partner, every step of the way.

Consent doesn’t mean asking “Would you like to have sex?” and then forgetting about it. Consent means asking throughout sex. “Are you enjoying that?” or “Can I try this thing?” or “Would you like me to do something differently?” are all really important things to say during group sex (or any sex, for that matter).

While consent is crucial, don’t let it become a need for affirmation. Be sensitive to your partner’s non-verbal cues as to whether or not she’s enjoying something, as checking constantly can be a bit of a mood killer. You are a smart man so use your intelligence to assess their verbal & non-verbal signals throughout your encounter.  If you’re really not sure though, you’re best asking them rather than overthinking it.

Don’t assume anything

We all have prejudices and assumptions about other people, however much we wish we were also nonjudgmental. We might assume that two women sitting together are single friends, rather than a married couple, we might assume that other swinging couples are into having full sex with other couples, or that all women enjoy oral sex. Try to drop these assumptions and be open to different possibilities.

A little like the note on consent above, you need to communicate and listen to everyone, and not jump into anything assuming you know what others are like or what they need.  Even if you have swinger experience, that doesn’t mean your past swinger partners will have the same desires or personal boundaries as your new swinger partners.  Be wise enough to realize we are all different and its best not to assume anything.  Keeping an open mind can lead to the biggest smiles.

Remember your usual manners

First and foremost, if it isn’t how you would act on a date with a man or woman you really want to impress, don’t do it at a swingers’ event. This means remembering basic things such as not staring at others (and maintaining eye contact, not letting your gaze ‘slip’…), not intruding on other people’s space, and saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

On that note, don’t assume that derogatory language is automatically a turn-on just because it might be for you or has been well received in your past relationships. Keep your patter ‘neutral’ until you have a chance to get to know what makes your partner or partners tick.



Source: https://swingershelp.com/swinger-etiquette-for-single-males/