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On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me… let’s go on a super romantic and sexy date tonight! Even if those aren’t the exact words your true love used, there’s always something special about going on a date during the holiday season.

There’s so much to do and see and oh-so-many ways to turn a normal date into something a little more special (and sexy). Here are eight fun date ideas to get you and your beau in the true holiday spirit.


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Start your holiday off right by indulging in a festive wine walk that includes wine tasting and live music with your partner. End your date with some tipsy kisses (or more)!


What better way to ring in the holidays than with festive music? Singing has shown to release the same “feel good” hormones that arousal does, especially when singing in a group.

Bundle up and take your partner caroling around your neighborhood and end the night with a sexy holiday strip tease at home.


Get into the spirit with a holiday movie marathon. Decide on your favorites, whether it’s A Christmas Story or Die Hard (yes, that’s counts). Be sure to take a few breaks in between movies to get in a little holiday nookie.


If you or your partner have never seen snow before (even if you have!), book a trip to the mountains and spend the day making snow angels, sledding, and pelting each other with snowballs. Once you’re back at home, you can lay down by the fire and really raise the heat – if ya know what I mean.


What better way to warm up in the cold weather than to give (and get) a massage? Make it extra steamy with some sensual massage candles and massage oil. You’ll feel silky and relaxed, and definitely turned on.


Shopping for sexy holiday lingerie, that is. While it’s always nice to surprise your partner with an outfit (whether you’re wearing it or gifting it), going together to pick out lingerie is fun and arousing. You can have your own fashion montage until you land on the pretty little number that sends blood rushing down to both your nether regions.


Take a trip to Candy Cane Lane, Universal’s Harry Potter Christmas light show, or any other lit up location to take in all of the beautiful decorations that only come around once a year. Make it a leisurely drive combined with a tour of the city for an even brighter night of fun.


Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your house to take in all the romance that the holidays have to offer. Enjoy a night in with your partner complete with holiday onesies and hot chocolate, and have a good ole fashioned bake off! Make cookies, cupcakes, or brownies (or all three!) and see who’s the most artistic when it comes to decorating. Spice it up, and decorate each other, so you can lick it off.


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How Swinging Couples Secretly Communicate


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When you venture out into the real life swinging lifestyle, it can be a bit hard staying in sync with your special someone.  You will be meeting plenty of new people and encountering plenty of first time experiences.  So there is a good chance one of you might not always feel comfortable or happy.  Most swingers don’t want to blurt their true feeling out loud for others to hear.  So how does a couple stay connected with each other?  This is where secret swinger codes & signs come to the rescue.

These are the subtle ways a couple can communicate privately with each other while they are surrounded by other people without exposing their feelings to everyone in the room. Many swinger couples like to have a few signals and/or codewords to indicate different things like “I’m happy, let’s proceed” or “I’m not comfortable, want to leave ASAP.” Secret signals are a great tool couples can use to communicate at all times and make swinging experiences happy & fun rather than confusing and awkward.

In general, you want to pick things that will be completely obvious to you but not noticeable to others.  You want to make your signals super simple and easy to remember because if you can’t remember them, they aren’t really useful.  Make sure to talk this over with your partner and agree on what you both want to use.  It is very smart to remind yourselves the signals and codes are before each date, party or swinger club visit.  Here are some examples that you can use or modify to your own preferences.

What to Communicate

Here are four common types of messages swinging couples like to have a secret way to communicate – 1) All good, open to play, 2) Unhappy, want to leave, 3) Indifferent, up to you,  4) Happy, not ready yet for physical fun.

You can pick other messages to assign secret codes & signals but it makes it harder and more likely that a miscommunication will happen.   What else would you want to communicate?  5) You’re getting drunk, stop the alcohol, 6) you’re talking too loud, vanilla people are listening in.  Honestly ,it is wiser to use fewer messages.  Keeping it simple and easy makes it is less likely for a mistake to happen.  You don’t want to be arguing over mistaken signals when reconnecting after swinging.

Secret Codewords

Asking for a drink you hate – For example, if you never drink beer and you ask your significant other to order you a beer at the bar, that could be a great way to communicate that you do not feel a connection and would like to make a graceful exit.   You could assign different sexy drinks to mean different things.  For example, asking for “tequila shots” could be a way to secretly communicate with your partner that you are happy & open to playing with your new swinger friends.

Cities/Places – You could assign different cities to mean different secret messages.  Have you ever had a horrible trip like an 8 hour airport delay in Detroit?  “Detroit” could be your code that it’s bad and you need to bail ASAP.  Mentioning “Sydney” could be your secret message that you are open to going Down Under & playing with them.  This works best when you pick less popular cities that aren’t likely to pop-up in regular conversations so you won’t accidentally use your secret city codeword when you aren’t intending to use it.  Since swingers often talk about visiting Desire Resorts or Hedo, best not to pick those places.

People – We all have people who we love & find sexy and other people who are headaches in our lives.  You can pick people and assign them different meanings.  Preferably the people you pick do not have common names so you won’t accidentally mention your secret person code at the wrong time.  For example, you might repurpose your boss named Edmund to be the secret code for “unhappy, need to bail out”.  Maybe you have a crush on a celebrity like Kate Hudson, so mentioning Kate Hudson being in a new movie could be your secret way to signal “all good, ready to play”.



Source: https://swingershelp.com/couples-secretly-communicate/


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NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys, Star Wars versus Star Trek, the dress was blue and black versus white and gold: these are the types of debates that’ll go down in the history books. But alongside those also comes one of the hottest topics of all…

Music or no music during sex?

If you have a solid sex song medley put together, it really can turn up the heat. So, we’ve put together a playlist of a few noteworthy jams that can totally seal the deal.

(And if it’s not so much your thing, then be prepared for some major inspo that just may change your mind!)

1. “Promises” – Wiz Khalifa 

If ever there was a song that epitomized the triple fire emoji, “Promises” would be it. Slow, steamy and mesmerizingly moody, this track is one for artfully building the sexual tension. Plus, if you’re one for pairing sex with cannabis, it’d be a fantastic accompaniment to enhance the scene even more.

But if not, it’s still just as good! We promise.

2. “Please Me” – Cardi B & Bruno Mars

You seriously can’t beat the funky freshness of Bruno Mars, so that combined with Cardi B’s signature sultry sass? Iconic.

And when on top of that you have a song that celebrates not only knowing what you want, but also not being afraid to tell (or ask) your partner in an ultra-tantalizing way, not including it on your bedroom playlist is just cruel.

3. “Señorita” – Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes

There’s something so inherently sexy about Latin music in general; and when it involves a sexy ballad between this real-life, pop-slaying, super-star couple, there’s almost nothing better.

It’s fun, it’s flirty and can be a great guide (or at the very least inspiration) for taking turns to please one another. Because after this one starts up, you definitely won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

4. “Taki Taki” – DJ Snake feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B

And speaking of Latin vibes, the seduction definitely doesn’t stop there. Regardless if you speak Spanish or not, this track oozes with sultry feels, rhythm and definitely NSFW lyrics.

So much so that even if you haven’t made it to the bedroom, one press of a button will instantly start the pre-game party with slinky dancing – and most likely a whole lot more.

5. “Adore” – Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande

For all of the specifically sexy moods that belong on a good playlist of passion, you also need a catch-all staple, like “Adore”! Between Ariana’s breathy vocals and a slew of flirty beats, it’s as if she’s singing right into our souls.

Because when it comes to that person you pretend to be ‘just friends’ with, we’ve all been there, done that and KNOW it’s time to spare the coy denial and just give into what everyone really wants.

6. “Feeling Myself” – Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

However, if you think that sultry songs are only for a party of two – think again. Just like your dress collection, it’s important to have a titillating track for every sexual occasion. Masturbation, of course, included – which is where these two queens majorly deliver.

And after hearing all these bang-up beats, you additionally might be inspired to whip out your We-Vibe and sync up its vibrations to the song for a truly next-level experience.

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7. “Electricity” – Silk City & Dua Lipa feat. Diplo & Mark Ronson

A little bit disco, a lot a bit pop: “Electricity” is the perfect blend of upbeat fun meets magnetizing allure.

Whenever you’re with someone and have undeniable chemistry but also a lot of genuine fun together, this is a great jam to slot in and enjoyably release the sexual tension you spent time building with all of those slower songs beforehand.

8. “Childs Play” – SZA feat. Chance the Rapper

VIBES. Major vibes. Need we really say more? Even if you weren’t thinking about sex, you will after slinging this track.

It’s as if the temperature automatically starts to rise, lube magically appears in your hand and at that point, there’s nothing to do but go to town.

9. “Give Me Everything” – Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

Obviously we all have our own thoughts about Pitbull, but “Give Me Everything” is an arguably solid pick to kick off an A+ make-out session. It’s fun, energetic, yet also has those dreamy hooks that can’t help but dial up the heat a few notches.

So even though it’s a little cheesy, overplayed and apparently one of those most people either guiltily love or passionately hate, we still think it’s an option totally worth considering.

10. “Closer” – Nine Inch Nails

Now, when you’re in the mood for something that goes a little deeper and darker, there is (and always will be) the industrial rock classic “Closer”.

Perhaps for one of those nights you’re feeling extra tease-filled and want to show your lover you know how much they want you, or maybe want to explore something new and kinky, this number will craft the ultimate vibe that sends you and your partner over the erotic edge.

Which makes it extra fun when they still play it on the radio.

11. “S&M” – Rihanna

In that same vein, we also have our girl Ri-Ri! Who is an icon of sensuality if there ever was one – which means we can’t leave out this one of her many smash hits.

Now, if BDSM is your thing, then you know it’s your thing; but even if not, exuding the sultry confidence of singing to, dancing to and totally all in all owning what you do know you like is enough to inspire an unbelievably steamy night for anyone.

12. “Music To Watch Boys To” – Lana Del Rey

If Lana is known for anything, it’s her major Old Hollywood vibes; so without a doubt this is the cut that specifically takes you back to the set of a sensual, old world porno…mixed with one of those theatrical perfume commercials. In the best way, of course! With her ethereal vocals paired on top of dreamy instrumentation, it’s more than enough to lure your entire attention into the arousing moment.

Plus, when you need a breather after all of that Rihanna, this is your golden chance to slightly recuperate while still doing anything but kill the mood.

13. “Make Me Feel” – Janelle Monáe 

A little funk. A little bop. A lot of sexy soul. This Janelle Monáe track totally has your back the next time you’re looking for something to playfully amp up your sexcapade.

Inspiring each of us to cast aside any inhibitions and hang-ups, “Make Me Feel” has all the right beats, grooves and riffs that make embracing your sexiest self feel like the easiest thing in the world.


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