5 Tips To Make Your First Threesome More Successful

Written by LoveAndSexAnswers.com

If you and your partner have decided to have your first threesome, you may be wondering on how to make it successful. You may be worried about doing something wrong, or being uncomfortable with someone and not being able to do anything about it. Here are 5 must-do tips to make your first time threesome a great one.

Meet The Third Person

Don’t have a threesome with a stranger. Go on a date with your partner and the third person and get to know them a little bit. Go out for a pizza and beer, or a few drinks at a bar or club. Have fun with them, before there’s any pressure of sex involved. Make sure you and your partner are both comfortable with the third person before you actually get in the bedroom and do the deed. Getting to know who you’re going to have a threesome with will help ease everyone’s mind before getting it on.

Speak Up If It’s Not A Good Fit

If you’re having a threesome dilemma and aren’t totally comfortable with the person you and your partner are considering having a threesome with, speak up. It’s not fair if one person isn’t into another, whether it’s you, your partner or the third person. In a threesome, everyone has to click with one another and be into it. Stepping up and saying that you’re just not feeling this particular person isn’t as bad as it sounds. Just be polite and honest when making your feelings known.

Talk About The Rules Ahead Of Time

One of the best ways to make sure you have a swinging disaster is to avoid talking about what you’re okay with and what you’re not okay with before heading to the bedroom. If there’s something that is off limits to you or your partner, let your third person know and encourage them to speak up about anything that makes them uncomfortable as well. Make sure kissing, hugging, fondling, intercourse, oral sex and anal sex are all covered before hopping in bed. The last thing you want during your first threesome is to find out you’re not comfortable with something after it happens.

Take Your Time

Your first threesome isn’t a race to the finish line. Take your time to enjoy it, and if you only end up going to second or third base in your first threesome or foursome, it doesn’t mean you weren’t successful. Feel free to go as slow as you need to. If you’re only ready to make out or do some heavy petting at first, stick to just that until you’re ready for more. Your first threesome is special, but it’s not a once in a lifetime shot. If you enjoy swinging, it’s something you can do at your own pace.

Talk About It Afterwards

Communicate with your partner – and your third person – after the threesome. Talk about what you liked and what you want to try next time, without being critical or judgemental. If it worked out, let your third person know how much fun you and your partner had. If it didn’t, make sure you thank you third person for giving it a go with you. Things get very weird between people when you don’t talk about swinging, because everyone’s thinking something different and worrying that everyone else is on a different page than them.


Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/qa-5-tips-to-make-your-first-threesome-more-successful-video/


Written by Griffin-Wynne on SexWithEmily.com

Ah, the New Year. Time to download a daily meditation app and shell out for a gym membership (neither of which you’ll actually ever use.) But getting out of your sexual comfort zone in 2020?

Well, there’a resolution you’ll be happy to stick to.


The first step of getting out of your comfort zone is defining just what the heck your comfort zone is. Take a moment to think about what you know you like, what you know you don’t like, and what you’re willing to try. Make your list separate from your partner, to ensure that you’re being as honest as possible, and really think about what feels exciting. Then, compare lists with your partner and start to brainstorm some sexy things you want to try.

If something is a strong “Yes” to both of you – have at it. If it’s a “Yes” for one and a “No” for one, move on to something else. If “maybes” are involved, talk about boundaries and consent and what would need to happen to make it a “Yes.” We want to try new things, but in a healthy and empowering way that makes everyone feel good.


If a “Bucket List” is all things you want to do before you die, consider a F*cket List all the sexy things you want to try at least one time. Going down on your partner in a public bathroom? Butt stuffThreesome? Creating an agricultural-themed version of the Kama Sutra called the Farmer Sutra with positions like The Wheelbarrow and The Plow?

From your kinkiest fantasies to something that just sounds pleasurable – think about all the things you’ve always wanted to try and create a list with your partner. Attempt to mark one thing off every week.


Listen, it can be hard to think of new positions or moves on the spot. Whether you draw inspiration from your F*cket List or your Yes/No/Maybe chart — take a second to write down different moves, role-playing situations, sexy dares, and other things you want to try on little pieces of paper, then fold them up and keep them in a jar by the bed. When you’re thinking of getting it on, reach for the jar and pull out a card. You don’t have to do exactly what’s on it, but it can get the ball rolling.


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The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself.  To challenge yourself sexually in 2020, carve out more time to be intimate and intention with yourself. Touch your body, learn what feels good, cultivate desire, think about your kinks.

Learning more about your body will help you have the best sex for you. Additionally, remind yourself how worthy and deserving of hot sex you are — give yourself daily affirmations, practice self-love and self-care and find things that make you feel empowered.


Sometimes you know where you want to go  but you have no idea how to get there. If you’re struggling to ask your partner for something or have no idea how to articulate your desires — in 2020, try explaining how you want to feel rather than what you want them to literally do. Do you want to feel like a dirty girl that needs to be punished? Do you want to feel a deep and intimate connection to recenter with your partner? Do you want to feel like Kim K getting a check for a million dollars from Kanye? If your partner knows the type of sex you’re looking for, (rough, tender, intimate, silly, stress-releasing, serious, etc.) they’re more likely to help you find it.


Though you may end up laughing the whole time, sharing sexy media may get you both of your comfort zones and make you both loosen up.

You can take inspiration from whatever the actors are saying and try to replicate the role-playing or positions. You and your partner may already like to watch porn together, in which case, take the New Year to find some new or different things to stream in 2020.


Adding a vibratordildo, or cock ring to your sex life can be an instant blast of extra fun. If your partner has never seen you masturbate, they may enjoy just watching. Additionally, they may love the extra sensation of using a toy as they enter or stimulate you.


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Above top view of passionate beautiful naughty sexualcouple, woman domination and provocation she is kissing the handsome man on a bed and wearing lace black erotic underwear

You’re busy and tired, your partner is busy and tired. After a long day you just want to veg out and have some wine. While it’s important to listen to your body, it’s also important to prioritize intimacy and pleasure in your relationships.

Find a time that you both are generally pretty energized and schedule a weekly sexy session, the way you’d have a running date night. Make intimacy a weekly priority will help you and your boo keep up the spark.


Don’t be afraid to go all out with the ambiance. Light a candle. Play some music. Drink some champagne. Start the night with an erotic massage. Sure, you can have pretty mediocre sex with no kissing ten minutes before falling asleep. You can also be a little more intentional and really take a moment to wow your partner.


Source: http://sexwithemily.com/challenge-yourself-sexually-2020/

Reading Swinger Body Language


Written by SwingersHelp.com.


Anywhere between 50 and 70% of all our communication is non-verbal. Body language is so important to us that even when texting, we cannot help using emoji’s and gifs. It provides that extra piece of information that delivers or emphasizes the meaning of what has been said.

We think of body language as more sincere and revealing than verbal means of communication, which is why we often trust it more than words.

In dating, foreplay and sex, body language is helpful not only to provide that extra piece of information but also to compensate for the absence of words. To an attentive and observant eye, body language can signal different actions and help coordinate next moves.

Body Language in Swinging

Picking up on body language cues in swinging allows you to better understand your new swinging friends. Just like any other language, it gives you a set of tools to communicate with. Body language expands the data available to help you understand other people’s behavior.

In swinging, body language can be especially useful for recognizing the signs of mutual attraction, comfort, and pleasure. It is also very useful for spotting potential shyness, dishonesty, or insecurity.

The question is, how much can we trust body language?

Remember that body language is like every other language. We know that every spoken and written word has multiple meanings. For example “seal” could refer to a cute animal or a covering to keep something secure.  Most of the time people understand each other without having to check the meaning of each word that is used. Still, there are some situations in which we may refer to the same word, but mean different things.

The same happens with body language. Some body signals are unambiguous and need no specific interpretation. Others require more attention, and we need to observe them more carefully to be able to decipher what they mean.

Common Body Signals and What They Mean

We want to help you direct your attention to certain aspects of body language that can really say a lot.

There are some body signals that people can use intentionally and some that go under the radar of their consciousness. This means that some are used to convey a certain message on purpose, and some are just accidentally revealing.

Always pay attention to the context in which a signal appears, its frequency and duration and who it is directed to.

Eye Contact

Locking eyes for more than a quick glance (two or three seconds) is usually a sign of interest and attraction. Long and steady eye contact usually comes with another non-verbal signal to convey attraction. For example, a person may smile at you gently or lean towards you. Adoring eye contact, with almost no blinking, can be interpreted as non-verbal version of “I want you”. It is usually an expression of passion and desire.

Difficulties in maintaining eye contact can reveal shyness, intimidation, or insecurity. In some occasions, a person may look away on purpose and not look back to signal they are uncomfortable with the sexual tension the other person is trying to create. It may also signal the lack of attraction.

Keeping the eye contact can express interest and attention. Maintaining a friendly gaze, as the other person is talking to you, or someone in your company, is a welcoming signal. It communicates your willingness to patiently give time and space to the person that is engaging you or others. Maintaining eye contact, even when the other person is looking away, can be an expression of confidence.

Darting glances aim to check another person’s interest. It’s a less risky way of ensuring someone is into you. A person may toss a bait to see if the other person will respond.

Because of the physiological reaction that goes under the radar of our consciousness, pupils dilate when we feel excited, scared, or aroused. This is especially easy to notice when a person’s eyes are light-colored.

Body Posture and Physical Proximity

The amount of space a person takes in a room usually communicates their intention to dominate it. Standing tall, with shoulders back and head up, is usually an expression of confidence. Those people are likely to be perceived as taller or more muscular than they actually are.

On the other side, shrinking the body to take up less space usually indicates shyness, discomfort or lack of confidence. These people are likely to wait for someone else to approach them. Unlike the first group, they are not looking to be noticed. A person who looks to sit in the corner, on the periphery of the spotlight is usually afraid to be in it. They are more likely to feel comfortable in a more personal, one-on-one setting.

Leaning towards a person is usually an expression of interest. A person is trying to be physically closer to you. This is an invite for a continuation of interaction. On the other side, crossing arms can often be an expression of defensiveness or reservation. Putting an object between yourself and another person (such as a pillow, or a purse) can be a sign of reservation as well. It is a barrier to complete openness that may leave a person feeling vulnerable. Rocking movements are usually showing nervous swinger feelings.

It is important to notice attempts a person makes to come closer to you. The more they want to be physically closer to you, the bigger the chances they are interested in you. The physical proximity of different body parts communicates different levels of attraction.

Hands and Touch

Along with eyes, hands take the top of the list of revealing body signs.

A warm and firm handshake, with a steady eye contact, can signal confidence and openness.  Clammy or sweaty hands usually show nervousness or excitement. If a handshake is too firm or strong, a person may be trying to hard to come across as confident, or is trying to show dominance. Double clasp handhold, usually used by men, where you put your other hand over the handshake, aims to signal warmth and comfort another person can find in you. It is a version of a handshake that can say: “You are safe with me” or, “I will take a good care of you”.



Source: https://swingershelp.com/reading-swinger-body-language/

10 Ways To TEASE A Woman

Written by LoveAndSexAnswers.com

The LONGER you take to get a woman’s clothes off, and the LONGER you wait to go down on her, and the LONGER you wait to have sex with her – the MORE likely she is to have an orgasm!

Why & How Women Need Foreplay

We’ve all heard the phrase “women are like an oven, they need to be warmed up” – but what most guys don’t know is WHY and HOW.

“Why” Foreplay Is Important

Guess what fellas – your most powerful weapon in the bedroom is not your penis, but the force of ANTICIPATION!

Girls LOVE to be teased way more than men! And the longer you take to do EVERYTHING, the more turned on your girl is gonna get!

“How” To Use Foreplay To Give Orgasms

Here is a step-by-step guide to undressing your girl in way that builds incredible anticipation that will drive her absolutely CRAZY!

By following these simple steps, you’ll have her so turned on by the time she is naked that she will be BEGGING to have you inside of her!

Warning: Some of these foreplay steps may sound basic, but I’ve thrown in some fun tricks to SPICE UP the simple stuff – so make sure you read this guide all the way through!

Kissing All Over

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As you are kissing her, rub your hands firmly up and down her back. Once you’ve been kissing for several minutes, work your fingers under the bottom of her shirt, and circle back to her stomach (still kissing, but alternating between her lips, neck, and ear lobes).

Squeeze The Nape Of Her Neck

Gently scratch her back as you are kissing her, and softly but firmly slide your hand up under hair at the nape of her neck and give a nice squeeze.

Getting Her Shirt Off

Lift up her shirt and take it off in the smoothest way possible, being careful not to pull her hair!

Moving On

Now that her shirt is off, slowly progress your kissing downward towards her breasts, kissing the upper area, and still rubbing her lower body with your hands.

BONUS TIP! Gently but firmly, pin her arms above her head and hold them there with one hand while you caress her body with your other, still kissing all over. Girls LOVE this!

Unhooking Her Bra

As you are kissing her neck, reach behind and unhook her bra. If you get stuck, don’t worry! Just smile at her and say, “assistance please” and she’ll unhook it for you.

DO NOT GO STRAIGHT FOR THE BOOBS! Go back to kissing her on the lips and neck! (In fact, until you are fully going down on her, you should always return to her mouth every so often to kiss her passionately). Then, taking your time, make your way down to her breasts, but DO NOT GO FOR HER NIPPLES! Kiss them in slow circles, leaving the nipples for LAST!

Licking Her Nipples

When you get to her nipples, lick them gently, alternating between the two. When your mouth isn’t on one, your finger should be on the other (but lick it first for lubrication).

BONUS TIP! Some girls LOVE to have their nipple pinched! I would say at least 50% of all women! Start gently of course, and increase the pressure and watch her reaction. If she seems to be getting turned on, squeeze a little harder and ask her if she likes it. She’ll let you know =)

Moving Downwards

Move down to her stomach, and use the same slow, anticipation-building style. Try to kiss every inch of it! Slip your tongue under her waistband to tease her once in a while, and “accidentally” graze your chin over her “area,” breathing heavily.

Leave The Panties On

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Kiss her on the mouth again while you go to take off her pants. But NOT her panties! It’s time for the fun part!

BONUS TIP: Take her right leg, and starting at her foot, kiss every inch of it, working your way down in slow circles! This should take A WHILE, and she will be loving every second of it! Then, when you get to her clitoris, breathe heavily OVER her panties, letting her feel the heat! Then go back to her left leg (start in the middle this time) and do it all over again!

By the time you get back down to her “area,” she’ll be BEGGING you to rip her panties off and give her more!

The Last Step – Give Her An Incredible Orgasm!

By this time, you should have her so close to climax that you can finish her off in just a few minutes. So just give her what she wants already!

So there you have it! This entire process should take around 30 minutes, and will get her more turned on then she’s EVER been before!

Building anticipation like this paves the way for her to have an intense orgasm, and lots of them at that. Oh, and if you’re with a woman for the very first time, this is a pretty good way to make HER be the one begging YOU to be inside of her, not the other way around.

This stuff will DEFINITELY give you an edge over the other men she’s been with. And if you’d like to get an even BIGGER edge and join the 1% of men who women call the best lovers in the WORLD – I have some great news for you!


Happy Swinging!


Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/10-ways-to-tease-a-woman/

5 Swingers Club Resolutions To Try This Month

Happy New Year, Swingers! 2019 was an amazing year, but 2020 is going to be even better! It’s time to mix things up in the club this year. Here are 5 swingers club resolutions to try out this month!


Bring a first-timer to the club! If you normally attend alone, it’s time to ask that friend you’ve been secretly crushing on to try something a little more exciting and different. Who knows? Maybe it’ll unleash their undercover freak!

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Attend as a group of three or more! Being the third wheel isn’t always a bad thing. Head to the club with that attractive couple you’ve been eyeing for months. Already have a partner? Even better! Invite your smoking hot friend that you’ve been dying to cross the line with.

Trapeze Club, Swingers Club Atlanta, Swingers Club South Florida, Swingers Club Fort Lauderdale, Swingers Club Georgia, Sex Club


Attend as a couple. Do you prefer to hit the club alone to keep your options open? It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something a little different. It’s totally okay to invite your cute friend out for a unique experience! Set your ground rules before you arrive and it’ll be smooth sailing from that point on!

Trapeze Club, Swingers Club Atlanta, Swingers Club South Florida, Swingers Club Fort Lauderdale, Swingers Club Georgia, Sex Club


Attend the club in a suit or lingerie. Let’s crank things up a notch! Throw on that super sexy teddy that’s been hanging in the back of your closet since your ex called things off last summer. Fellas, do you have a suit that you think is just “too much?” Pull that baby out! There’s nothing sexier than a well-dressed confident man sitting at the side bar of a sex club.

Trapeze Club, Swingers Club Atlanta, Swingers Club South Florida, Swingers Club Fort Lauderdale, Swingers Club Georgia, Sex Club


Arrive before 11pm. We get it. You want to show up to the club while it’s busy and everyone is ready to head to the playrooms. If you always show up after midnight, you’re missing out! Seriously. Most sexual connections are made before the clock strikes 12. Don’t miss the chance to bump elbows with the hottie in the buffet line or the chance to heat things up on the dance floor! Also, Trapeze is well-known for THE FOOD. You absolutely can’t miss the dinner buffet because . . . OH. MY. GOD. You won’t be disappointed. Ever!

Trapeze Club, Swingers Club Atlanta, Swingers Club South Florida, Swingers Club Fort Lauderdale, Swingers Club Georgia, Sex Club

Trapeze Club Atlanta will be throwing a SWINGER RESOLUTIONS party every Wednesday night in January. If you participate in 4 out of 5 Wednesday nights, you’ll earn yourself a FREE night at the club in February. January 29th will be extra special. It’s our “Cum Early” night along with the year’s first SALSA NIGHT! Head over to our list of upcoming events for more information! If you’re in Florida, don’t miss out on our weekly contests this month!


Happy Swinging!