Handling Dirty Talk While Swinging


Written by SwingersHelp.com.

Whether you’re a seasoned dirty talker or new to the idea, naughty conversation can be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. Whispering more than just sweet-nothings in your partner’s ear is a surefire way to intoxicate them with your words and have them squirming. Knowing what not to say is also important to avoid offending or turning-off your new swinging play partners.

The sexiest and most successful dirty talk comes from telling your partner exactly what you want! Get comfortable expressing what you desire and what you want to do. Being enthusiastic about what’s happening or is going to happen is a major turn on.

Dirty Talk Cheat Sheet

If you’re starting out, or have already dirty talked away all your best lines and need some fresh material, try these tantalizing phrases with your next swinging partner:

Tasting you gets me so hot
It drives me crazy feeling you/your nipples get hard
You make me so wet/hard
I go wild when you…
Spank me
You are so talented with your [body part] That feels so good
You fuck me so hard
You’re so deep/tight
Your [body part] is so hot
That’s how I like it
Dirty Talk Tips & Tricks
The best dirty talk happens organically. It is when you share your honest desire using your own words. To help you figure out your own dirty talk phrases here is some helpful advice to start you on the right path to sexy fun.

Be Honest

Be honest in your comments about body parts and desires. Don’t say or suggest something simply to sound sexy. For example, if you’re with someone with an average to small sized penis, don’t tell him how big he is. If you love big breasts and are with a woman who’s flat-chested, don’t say hers are the greatest you’ve ever seen. They’ll most likely be able to tell it’s not genuine, which ruins the mood and makes your partner question any more of your dirty talk (and compliments outside of the bedroom too!). The same goes for suggesting sexual positions and acts you don’t love. If you’re not into anal, don’t suggest it just to please your partner.

It’s important to read the mood. If you’re in a hot whirlwind of a situation where you’re swept up and literally can’t wait to fuck, tailor your words to suit that ambiance. If you’re with someone in a scene that involves low lighting and chill jazz music, you’ll probably want to steer away from the hardcore and more graphic stuff. Instead, try something like, “Your touch is amazing.”

Use All Five Senses

Not sure what to say? Think about all five of your senses and what are you enjoying the most. What about them do you like seeing the most? Are they wearing a sexy perfume or cologne that is driving you wild? What are they doing/touching that feels so good? How do they taste on your lips? What are they saying or moaning that is turning you on? Rotating through all five of your senses will give you plenty of sexy things to say without having to repeat.

Use Foreign Languages

If you can speak a different language, that’s often going to be a turn on, even if they don’t know what you’re saying. You can give them directions to the nearest gas station and they’ll be melting and moaning anyway.

Ask Them

If you’re not sure what to say, you can lean on “talk dirty to me”. This takes the pressure off you and puts it on your partner, but they might be unprepared and have trouble responding after being put on the spot. This is a good idea if you already know they’re into dirty talk and you’re feeling a little shy.



Source: https://swingershelp.com/handling-dirty-talk-while-swinging/


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Written by Rose Breedlove on SexWithEmily.com

Threesomes: everyone’s talking about them, it’s “the cool thing to do,” but how many are actually partaking?

Some jump in deep, and many seem to be open to the idea, only to become hesitant when it comes to stripping down.

It’s that inner battle of being open to a three-way, the itch to try it out, topped with the fear of possible negative repercussions.

If you’re single and happen to find two others who are also down to partake– I say go for it. You really don’t have anything to lose and one great story to gain. If you’re in a relationship and desire a threesome with your significant other, I am still all for it… But there are a few tips to keep in mind.


Threesomes can easily backfire. Yes, there have been couples that have done a three-way to make their sex life more thrilling, and it worked. Those few are the exception. Most of the time, if one or both partners are looking at this as a way to reignite the spark, there are more problems in the bedroom than a beautiful unicorn can solve.

Your partner might think that they’re not pleasing you anymore, that they are not enough for you, and that’s why you’re looking elsewhere. Even if they never felt that way before, they might after– insecurities can come post threesome. Maybe you realize that sex with just them won’t be enough anymore, or vis versa. It’s a pretty difficult thought to get out of your head once it’s there.

If you are looking to spice up your sex life there are numerous other ways to do so without another person. Try them out first and, if all goes well, bring in the third troop after!


If both of you are 100% on board with three’s company, then you have the green light for some fun! However, if one of you needs a lot of prodding, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

If someone’s having doubts from the get-go, and I mean real doubts, they might end up with a world of regret and resentment on their shoulders after-the-fact. So make sure they aren’t just acquiescing to your request.


The person you bring in as your third is not solely there for your pleasure– unless you find a hard core submissive-slave who only wants to please.

You need to treat them with respect and make sure they are enjoying themselves just as much as you and your beau. In return, the third needs to show the couple respect by honoring their boundaries. So, if there’s a “no kissing between the third and the male” request, that needs to be upheld.

Let me tell you about a threesome gone wrong.

Once upon a time, I had a threesome with an incredibly sweet couple. They took me out to dinner and made me a plate of dessert in bed. Next thing I know, I have electrodes on my privates– which I enjoyed. After an hour– not so much. Then, they had me please them only how they wanted, with no regard to me. I was headed home without ever getting off.


Be very cautious about who is holding your attention. It can cause jealousy and there is a high chance someone will feel left out. With any combination of genders, these emotions can sneak up on all of us. Once it hits, it’s like a wrecking ball that can demolish any experience.

A friend and I once tried to surprise her boyfriend with a threesome. She and I decided to get started, so when he walked in the door, all he had to do was drop trouser and jump in! Instead, he turned the corner, saw us, and stormed right back out.

Another not-so-successful threesome, began with the guy getting so excited, he threw me up against the wall, proceeding to stick his tongue down my throat. Needless to say, his girlfriend got so jealous, she locked herself in the bathroom.


FFM, FMM, FFF, MMM, MNBM, – What’s it going to be? Most tend to choose FFM because, let’s face it, female-female sexual interaction is greatly encouraged by our society while male-male is still considered greatly taboo. If you are going to do FFM, let it be lady’s choice. Then, when you get them in the bedroom, take another step back and allow the ladies to get to know each other personally and physically. Forewarning, FFM can bring up a lot of insecurities, it’s the man’s job is to make sure both women are happy first. Then he can get taken care of.

The path less traveled (which I highly recommend trying) is FMM. This can be more challenging to get going because a good amount of straight men aren’t exactly comfortable in the presence of another naked man. Also, it can be pretty intimidating for the woman as well (even one penis can be daunting). However, these types of threesomes can be crazy pleasurable. Think about it this way– men have one tool, but every women has three holes to play with. The best part? The men never have to touch if they don’t want to!

In a relationship or single, when bringing up a threesome have an open and honest communication. Make sure everyone is excited about it, clear on all boundaries, and have fun.


Source: http://sexwithemily.com/ins-outs-threesomes/