What Do Guys Wear To Swinger Parties?

Written by SwingersHelp.com

Your wardrobe is filled with outfits for the office, formal events, casual nights with friends, pajamas, and swimwear. But do you have anything to wear to a swingers party? Deciding which clothes to wear can be one of the hardest parts of getting involved in the swingers lifestyle, but it is really just a matter of taste, comfort, expectations, and confidence.

Dress code

Before you start thinking about anything, check the dress code. You don’t want to be walking into a party dressed too casually if the theme was burlesque. Dress codes can make the decision of what to wear a bit easier and you know you will fit in if you stick to the guidelines. Not to mention you want to make sure you look as good as your lady in her sexy swinging outfit.

Some venues will have strict rules on things like sneakers, so make sure your night isn’t ruined by carefully reading the information on their website or calling in advance.

If you found a private swinger party, these are usually smart casual events.  Best to still ask the host and not assume anything.


You might think a tighter shirt shows off your abs or tighter trousers show off your package and make you look sexier, but if you’re having to suck your gut in or constantly adjust your crotch, you definitely won’t feel it. If you want to look good, you need to feel good too, so make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable. Try to find a balance between comfortable well fitted – be warned, baggy might be more comfortable but it might not be flattering.

If you find that you don’t have anything that fits you well, consider taking your favorite shirts or trousers to a tailor to get them altered, or treating yourself to a new outfit.


Just because your new friends are more open about sex, doesn’t mean they can’t be offended. Think of it like a job interview (only they might try and gauge your sexual preferences, rather than relevant qualifications), so first impressions matter.

Avoid anything that might provoke the wrong reaction, such as slogan T-shirts or anything political, no matter how passionate you are about your cause. Swinging is an opportunity for you to bond with people from all backgrounds, not to throw up new walls.

Easy to Take Off

This one often goes missed by people new to the swingers’ scene. Make sure, if you want to take your clothes off, it is possible to actually take them off.

It might be tempting to try something new that signals how adventurous you are or how sexy you feel, like leather or rubber trousers, or a bondage top, but you might find yourself struggling to take them off in the heat of the moment… or put them back on afterward.

It’s best to avoid anything with complicated straps or fastenings, or anything so figure-hugging you feel like you’re being unwrapped rather than undressed.



Source: https://swingershelp.com/guys-wear/


Written by SexWithEmily.com

Social distancing is truly putting a damper on person to person contact. Literally. Even with the multitude of dating apps, we’re stopped short from meeting in real time. So why not send some nudes!

With all this extra time spent staring at screens instead of faces, this is the perfect moment to perfect taking suggestive or explicit pics. And there’s a lot you can do to get the best possible shot.

Here are 7 steps to sending the sexiest nudes of your life.


I used to be timid about taking boudoir pics or sending nudes. I would I wish I were in better shape, and question  if my face looks weird. In this age of perfection, the fears quickly pile up –  What if my butt is too flat? Or isn’t big enough? Or one breast is bigger than the other? What if my penis points to the left of center?

However, the first step to capturing your sexy essence is to love your body. This is the chance for you to be devoured visually by the person receiving the nude. They want it because they want you. So by taking away your own insecurity, you will be taking the best photo.


Just like Mariah who only wants to be shot on her ‘good side’, there are a ton of different angles that can accentuate different parts of your body. If the person you are sending the picture to likes is a legs, hips, and ass person, place the camera further away at a lower angle. This elongates the body and gives you a strong presence. Imagine that the camera is your lover/partner.

You are in control of what they see. If you take a high angle picture, showing off the torso, breasts, arms, then it gives a submissive quality to your nude. Playing with angles is all about what part of the body you want to accentuate, and what part of your personality you want to highlight. Find all the angles of your personality as well as your body.


In Hollywood, one of the golden rules is that you should never skimp on sound, and you should never skimp on lighting. Lighting completely transforms a nude. Taking a naughty picture during golden hour (when the sun is setting) will cast a lush golden color on your beautiful naked form. Lighting your nubile curves in candlelight can add vulnerability and mystery. And doing stark black and white can make your nude feel powerful and artistic. Get creative using Instagram or phone filters. And if you’re really looking to step up your lighting game, consider investing in an inexpensive ring light to really give you that professional feel.


All the amazing angles and lights in the world don’t matter if you aren’t comfortable. Breathe, relax, and have fun while you’re taking these pictures. If you’re holding an uncomfortable position, it will show up immediately in your face.

Try different faces – seduction, sly smile, full on laugh, mischievous. Really live your Top Model moment and try to smize. If you’re feeling unsure, practice your expressions in the mirror, and you might even turn yourself on! Taking a nude is as much about empowering yourself and discovering your body as much as tantalizing the recipient.


This may go without saying, but tidy up before you take a nude. Get creative with the setting – lie in bed in lingerie and take a top down pic with a selfie stick. Prop up a mirror next to the couch and take a selfie there. Nothing kills the mood of a nude more than a stack of dirty dishes or a pile of dirty laundry – unless of course you’re playing the role of bad boy who didn’t clean up his room or housewife who didn’t do the dishes. Get adventurous – if you have access to wilderness, take a nude in the forest or in a pool, in a pond or on the roof. The more free you feel the more sexy the picture will turn out.


One time in the winter, I decided to dress up as an eski-ho for a sexy photo for my boyfriend at the time. I made a harness out of an old Harry Potter scarf, cut long john underwear into tiny rolled up briefs, and wore a cute knit cap and fingerless gloves.

Even though I didn’t show off all of Santa’s little helper, I wore an outfit that he wanted to unwrap on Christmas morning. Sometimes, showing everything off can be fun, but getting creative with a sexy pic and showing 90%, can lead to scoring 100. Think outside the sexy underwear box and create a character with your costume!


After all of this hard work, it’s important to not only take ownership of the photo, but send it with confidence. I believe my slutty winter outfit was sent with a ‘ho ho ho’ or a ‘I’m on the naughty list… It’s time to get me off’. If you send the photo sheepishly or apologetically, you’ll be doing both parties a disservice. Receiving a nude is a gift. Sending a nude letting them into the power you possess as someone who owns their body. So send it from the bottom of your kinky little heart!


Source: http://sexwithemily.com/7-steps-sending-nudes/

How to Open Your Relationship

Written by LoveAndSexAnswers.com

Would you ever be open to swinging or having an open relationship? While the common reaction to this question is “hell no!” what if you are open to the idea? How do you tell your partner? Most importantly, how do you keep it from ruining your relationship? First and foremost, it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship (although many swear it will). You must be open-minded, trusting of your partner, and ready for lots of honest communication. Opening your relationship is not something to be entered into lightly.

Broaching The Subject

If you think your partner might be open to swinging, just be honest. Tell him or her that you might want to talk about doing it someday. Feel out the reaction. You don’t have to make a decision right away, and it may take several conversations before you decide if you want to proceed.

Getting Started

Talk it out, talk a little more…and then talk again. Talk about why you trust each other and how a situation like this could damage that trust. Talk about your concerns and expectations. Lay down ground rules to get past first time swinger fears. It cannot be stressed enough that communication is key. Choose if you’re looking for a swap or individual situation. If you’re going to meet someone one-on-one, decide if you will tell each other the dirty details afterward. Establish what kind of check-ins you’re going to have (checking in before and after a meeting makes your partner feel respected and lets them know you’re okay). Decide which acts you’re allowed to perform with others.

Seeking Partners

There are plenty of places on the internet to find people for sex. Your local CraigsList.com is free, but there are a lot of scams and prostitutes to sift through. Sites like AdultFriendFinder.com have a small fee, but eliminate the shady people who just want your money. This can be fun but tedious. Together, you can browse through the myriad of people. Discuss the type of (as well as what turns you on or off about) the people you’re interested in meeting. If you find someone you’re interested in, send a message. Ask about their habits and hobbies and why they’re in an open relationship (or looking for a couple). Tell them about your own expectations and agreements.

Getting Down To Business

Many people choose to meet in a public place for a first meeting. A hotel bar is usually a good location, since you can get a room if the meeting leads to sex. Now, this goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: Protect yourself and practice safe sex. Use condoms, dental dams, a safe word, and make sure someone knows where you are. Tell your significant other about your plans; if you’re going out together, leave a note at home or inform a (very open-minded) friend.

In The Afterglow

Time for more communication! Talk about the things that you felt good or uncomfortable about, as well as whether you want to continue pursuing a swinger relationship. Finally, remind your partner of how important they are to you and of just how much you love them.


Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/how-to-open-your-relationship/