Find Out What Attracts Couples in a Swingers Club

We asked our social media followers what attracts them to other couples in a swingers club and these are the results!

#5 Eye Contact

Our followers value eye contact. Eye contact is an easy way to let someone know you’re interested without saying a word. The next time you see a couple you’re interested in, try undressing them with your eyes.

From Our Followers:

“We know that if a couple is making eyes at us that they are interested. It’s a subtle way to say, ‘Hey, you’re hot!”

“Appearance first. Eye contact. Personality. Dancing couples always get our attention.”

#4 Don’t Be Pushy

Coming in at #4 is Don’t Be Pushy! A good rule of thumb is that if someone is walking away from you, don’t follow them unless invited! Also, it’s generally a good idea not to lead the conversation with sex. Try to get to know them first. “Hey, is this your first time here?” “How long have you been in the lifestyle?”

From Our Followers:

“Fit, attractive and funny. Not pushy but show interest.”

“We want to feel desired without feeling pressured to go to the playroom right away. Pushy couples make us uncomfortable.”

#3 Chemistry

The third most popular submission is chemistry. What good is being attractive with a good personality if things still feel awkward? Don’t force it. Be as natural as possible! A good way to build chemistry is to move things to the dance floor.

From Our Followers:

“Chemistry is important to us. If we can’t hold a natural conversation, things might get awkward in the playroom.”

#2 Personality

Personality came in at #2. You won’t always be a good fit for everyone, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances. One way to increase your chances of finding a swinging match is to be confident. Another popular word of advice given by our followers was to be open and inviting.

From Our Followers:

“Personality is the most important. That and the ability to carry a conversation.”

“Their enthusiasm for us. Someone who just wants to receive is a turn off – we love to give, but we also want to get as well. We want to feel wanted! This may sound obvious, but some people out there are just not as giving as others.”

#1 Physically Attractive

According to our followers, being physically attractive is the #1 driving force when it comes to being interested in another couple. Keep in mind that physical attractiveness goes beyond having good genes. This includes good hygiene and being well dressed. With that being said, shower, brush your teeth, and throw on your favorite outfit before attending a swingers club!

From Our Followers:

“Sexy attractive couples . . .HWP and being able to hold a conversation.”

“Good looking and confident!”

“Smile. Warm friendly people. Balanced in terms of looks (we don’t take one for the team).”

7 Best Positions For Butt Sex

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Regardless of how “adventurous” you consider yourself in the bedroom, butt sex can feel tricky to even the most experienced. But to anyone who thinks it’s doggy style or bust, it’s time to think again, my friends! 

Anal August is coming to a close, and it’s our goal to spend the month paying tribute to the world of backdoor play. As social stigmas surrounding it have begun to melt further away, there’s no denying it’s something a lot of people are growing more curious to try. However, if you aren’t yet an ace when it comes to anal, it’s important to know there are a ton of different ways to do it – positions, most definitely included.

So how do you figure out which one will make and not break the experience? Well, it often depends on your experience level. But no matter how well versed in the art of butt play you may or may not be, we totally have your back with this master list of favorite anal sex-friendly positions.


When venturing into the world of anal, a great way to kick things off is with comfort. So instead of thinking you have to assume Cirque du Soleil-level moves, try your hand at one you probably know quite well—spooning! When both partners are snuggled up while laying on their sides, the “big spoon” has grade-A entry without having to do much at all. Because it’s such an inherently comfortable position, it’s also easier for the “little spoon” to keep their anal muscles relaxed. The relaxation makes for a more pleasurable and stress-free experience.


In any instance where the penetrated partner is on top, they hold the reins of how deep and slow you go. This, position that’s especially great for backdoor beginners is the classic Lap Dance. Equal parts exciting and easy, the penetrating partner sits in a chair or on the side of the bed while the other gently slides onto them. That way, you can sensually swirl and grind on each other in a way that eases into the unique sensation – and doesn’t feel intimidatingly submissive, either.


Building on the same penetratee-on-top perks, the sexy starfish is also a stellar option for those new to the realm of anal. To set the scene, the giving partner first lays on their back and plants their feet to provide ready, steady support. Then, the receiving partner lays on top of them (facing upwards) and arches their back a little to allow for sexy entry. As a result, the receiver retains maximum control of depth, speed and intensity the whole time. This hot backdoor position ensures a pleasurable, painless experience for all. And not to mention, it comes with a lot of steamy skin-to-skin contact, too.



How to Start Swinging Beginners Guide


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So you’re interested in swinging? Whatever has attracted you to the lifestyle, swinging can be a great way to have some fun, meet new people, and explore yourself and your partner.

But where do you start? The information out there can be daunting, so we’ve compiled an easy step-by-step list of everything you need to do to.

Is swinging right for you?

First thing’s first, make sure that swinging is right for you. What is it you want to get out of swinging? Do you have a particular fantasy you want to act out, or are you concerned your sex life with your partner has cooled off a bit too much, or maybe you want to explore being with someone of the same sex? Establishing these aims are really important to make sure the other steps go as smoothly as possible.

Also ask yourself if you are in the right mental place. Can you fend off your anxieties while your partner is with someone else? How strong is your relationship at the moment? Are you feeling secure and safe, do you and your partner trust each other?

While swinging can be a great bonding experience for the both of you, swinging can not fix broken relationships – it tends to only make them fail faster. Make sure your own relationship is doing well before you move onto any of the other steps.

It is also important to ask yourself if you are looking for no strings attached sex, or would you like a more emotional connection? If the latter, polyamory might be more for you.

Ask yourself these questions, and really explore them yourself before approaching your partner. The next bit can be intimidating for both parties, but it will help if you have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it. P.S It is also important to ask yourself if you are looking for no strings attached sex, or would you like a more emotional connection? If it’s the latter, polyamory might be more for you.

Have the conversation with your partner

Once you have established that swinging is right for you, you need to open the swinging conversation with your partner.

It can be a difficult, but use your aims from the previous step to guide the conversation. You could bring up some mutual friends who are out as swingers, and ask what your partner thinks. Or suggest watching some swinger movies and videos together of swinging couples.

However you do it, pick the time and place wisely. For most people, this is in the evening when the kids are in bed, and you can have some private time catching up in the day. For others, it could be during sex.

Be honest in the conversation, and communicate your feelings, concerns, and curiosities. Be patient with your partner – you might have been ruminating on this for weeks, or longer, but they might have never considered it and they might be reacting out of instinct or insecurity.

Working out how you want to start swinging

If your partner is interested, it’s time to move onto the next step. There are plenty of different ways to swing. Are you going to approach some close friends who you know are into swinging? Are you going to go to a private party? Or would you be more interested in the anonymity of a larger swingers club?

You could even create an online dating profiles together to find other couples for something more private and intimate, and meet for coffee first if the idea of strangers feels too nerve-wracking.

Many people prefer to start swinging in smaller groups, but others find this more intimidating. Check out your local area, and see what feels right for you both.

Establishing your boundaries

Now it’s time for another conversation. You need to establish your boundaries, both as individuals and as a couple. Ask yourself what you feel comfortable with exploring at your first swingers event.




How to Flirt With Swingers


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Swingers are a friendly bunch.  The friendlier you are, the better chances for sexy fun and swingers love sexy fun!  If you are at a swinging lifestyle party or club, it is safe to assume everyone is a potential sexy connection.

Just remember that potential does not mean anything is guaranteed or effortless. It also doesn’t mean you have to participate in anything. At anytime during the swinger flirting process, anyone can stop it. No means no and it is always acceptable to say no thanks at anytime.

How do you know if a swinger couple wants to have sex with you? 

The seductive flirting process is different depending on the person and situation but there is a general flow to flirting among swingers.  Here is an simplified explanation of this flirting process and how it escalates from being friendly to making a sexy connection to actually having sexy playtime.  Hopefully this can help you better judge swinger scenarios and minimize any potential miscommunication & misunderstandings.

Flirting Step 1 – Showing Up

Showing up to a lifestyle event means they are open to making a sexy connection. Just like a single person going to singles bar is potentially open to hooking up if they find the right person. Swingers aren’t nymphomaniacs so it doesn’t mean there will be sexy play but there is definitely hope that eventually a sexy time will be enjoyed with the right match.

Flirting Step 2 – Talking With You

This shows they aren’t turned off but it doesn’t mean they are turned on either. Feel free to talk with as many people as you like at swinger events. Most people want to have sexy time that night so they tend to focus most of their conversations with potential sexy connections.  If they move on, don’t be upset.  You don’t know if they aren’t interested or if they incorrectly assumed you weren’t interested.  If you aren’t interested you can stop talking anytime so you don’t waste your chance to find a sexy connection.  You can politely excuse yourself to get another drink or get some fresh air or call the babysitter as an excuse to withdraw and move on to another couple. Talking with swingers shows a low level of interest but an easy one to build upon.

Flirting Step 3 – Compliments

If swingers want to build a sexy connection, they will start dropping compliments.  It depends on what they focus their attention on. If they compliment your plate of food from the buffet, its just being friendly & polite. If they compliment something more personal, like how sexy you look, then they are open to getting to know you better. Remember being open to the idea is not a guarantee. If you want a sexy connection, then you should make some sexy compliments about their clothes, body, dance moves, etc. to show your potential interest.  Swingers can’t read minds, so make sure to demonstrate your interest in them with some nice words.




“How to Flirt With Swingers.” Swingers Help,

The Rundown on Rimming

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We’re move through the month of Anal August. We’re exploring cheek to cheek. So let’s talk about getting up close and personal with the anus, by the way of rimming.

Analingus, or rimming, is the art of pleasuring the backdoor orally. It’s been an under the sheets practice, and now that it’s out in the open, let’s dive into some fun moves! We’re going to explore why it’s becoming so popular, how to get over the b-hole jitters, plus techniques, tips, and tricks to toss the salad.


Always make sure your partner has given their rumpus a good scrub. There’s an entire industry now devoted to rimming. There are refreshing exfoliants, flavored lubes, and even sprays to keep the full moon fresh and tasty for the eatin’.

This isn’t a MUST for just rimming, but it can help to eat a diet rich in fiber to clear out the pipes to make sure your partner isn’t nervous about any unexpected visitors along the way. Once your partner’s whistle is clean and clear, it’s time to venture forth!


Now hold up, why is analingus popular? In fact, anal play has been around seemingly since the beginning of time, but as far as recorded history goes, Ancient Greece is our first stop. Ancient Greeks used to use olive oil as anal lubrication and there are even some select Ancient Greek vases showing full on butt eating! They loved it so much they decided to immortalize it.

It seems to be making a resurgence in the mainstream consciousness because of popularity in music – Jhene Aiko popularized the phrase ‘Eat the Booty like Groceries’ in her hit song Post to Be. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj rap often about ass play. It’s clear that it’s high time to give love to the glorious backside.

So as promised, let’s do a full rundown on rimming. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how you can make it the star of your sexy night.

The Salad Spinner

Don’t rush straight into the abyss! Go slow. The anal passageway has a HUGE number of nerve endings and makes it super sensitive. The anus is a circular knot of muscle, and will most likely be tense. Start by flicking the tongue around the hole in a slow circular motion. This might be enough to get your partner moaning and groaning if it’s their first time.

Doggie Treat

Next, if your partner is on their back, start from the base of their backside and slowly lick past the hole to the taint. If your partner has male sex organs, feel free to continue licking to the balls and repeat in a methodical fashion. If your partner has female sex organs, be careful not to cross-contaminating. Basically, don’t go from the anus to the vaginal opening. Microscopic fecal particles may start knocking on the front door, and could disrupt the sensitive microbiota of the vagina.

Alphabet Soup

Now that your partner is a little warmed up, Go ahead and get creative! The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. Go ahead and write your name with your tongue on their backside. It’ll give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Spelling is Fun!’ A sexy game to play could be spelling a word using your tongue and having your partner guess.

Don’t forget to check in!

Now is a good time to check in with your partner. Are they enjoying it? How can you make them feel more comfortable? Are they ready to go further? You’ll be able to tell by how relaxed they are. Not only will the physical muscle be more relaxed, but their body should be looser as well. Keep the mood going by lighting some candles or playing a track for you to bump along to, and get ready to jump back in!

Spellicking (this is a bad pun on spellunking)

Now that the hole is loosened, it’s time to try to get a little deeper. You’re ready for your tongue to explore more deeply. Now don’t worry. Your partner has bathed and used a coffee scrub so you’re ready to go! Point your tongue, and slowly nudge it into your partner’s porthole. Push it in, and slowly pull it out. Do this a couple times and you’re going to unlock something primal in your partner.

Put It All Together

Now that you know all the steps, it’s time to tie it all together! Using variations of all moves, slowly circle the area, shower it with kisses, lick from the base to the hilt, and then plunge in. By doing all this, your partner is sure to want a repeat ride on the analingus express!

The most important thing to remember is not to be scared of something new, and to make sure you always have consent. Accidents can happen, and it’s important not to shame your partner or think that something going left is normal. Be open to new experiences, and have fun exploring each other hole-heartedly!