11 Surprising Ways to Have Incredible Sex

Written by Kaylen Jackson on LoveAndSexAnswers.com

Incredible sex doesn’t have to be something you once had at the beginning of your relationship. It’s common for sex to become blase as you and your partner become more comfortable with each other, however, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to mediocre sex for the rest of your relationship. Here’s how you can make sex great with these unconventional techniques.

Experiment With Condoms

Condoms are essential if you and your partner aren’t monogamous with each other, aren’t sure of each other’s sexual pasts or haven’t been tested for STD’s. However, most couples who have been tested or are in a monogamous relationship forgo using condoms, especially if they’re using birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But did you know that condoms can sometimes enhance your sex life, even if you don’t need them? Condoms are great for anal sex, because you can just slip it off before engaging in vaginal penetration. If you experiment with different brands and styles of condoms, like ribbed and studded or twisted, you may find something that actually helps stimulate your g-spot and makes it easier for you to have an orgasm!

Try Dirty Talk

A lot of women are too shy to try dirty talk, but there is definitely a correlation between dirty talk and absolutely explosive sex. If you’re not comfortable with dirty talk, start slow and work your way up to it. Start by simply vocalizing your pleasure when you feel something good, especially if your partner is doing something special to you like giving you oral sex. Next, start describing how much you like what he’s doing and then move on to telling him what you’d like to do next. Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be vulgar – it can be as simple as tell your partner what you like and how much you like it.

Start Sexting

Like dirty talk, sexting can drastically improve the quality of your sex life with your partner. While you’re at work or school, send your lover a naughty text that describes what you want to do when you get home that night. It will spark their imagination and get them thinking about you all day. When you finally do get home, it’s going to be all you can do not to tear each other’s clothes off as soon as you walk through the door!

Learn To Striptease

Men are visual creatures. They love watching women, especially naked women. The love dancing naked women even more! There’s a reason that strip clubs are so popular, but most women don’t like their guys going out and ogling other women. You can solve that problem in a heartbeat by learning to perform a striptease yourself! Don’t worry about not being a good dancer or not knowing what you’re doing – your man doesn’t care. Slip on some really great lingerie (a garter belt with thigh highs is a must) and do a sexy little dance for him. Chances are, you won’t be dancing for that long anyway.

Eat Celery

You wouldn’t think that celery would boost your libido, but it most certainly does. Celery contains a steroid called androstenone, which is also found in human sweat. This is one of the components of human pheromones that help attract men and women to each other. Eating celery will increase the presence of the steroid in humans and increase pheromone production – making people much more attracted to each other. Not only will it increase pheromone production, celery will also increase the amount of ejaculatory fluids in both men and women so orgasms will be more powerful and more pleasurable.

Take The BSPI Test

The BSPI Test (called the Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator) is a test that can accurately determine what your true sexual preferences are  through both direct questions and questions that are designed to access your subconscious. Knowing your sexual preferences – what you like and what you don’t like – can help you better communicate what you want in the bedroom to your partner. You can also have your partner take the test to see if you’re sexually compatible!

Wear Socks During Sex

Sure, socks aren’t sexy and most men and women only wear them to bed if they’re not planning on having sex that night. But did you know that if a woman’s feet are warm, she is 30% more likely to have an orgasm? Next time you get it on with your lover – especially if you have trouble reaching the big “O” – try donning a nice, plush pair of socks on your feet before you crawl in between the sheets. You might be surprised at how much better it can be!

Get Sexy

Women feel sexier when they get their bodies ready for sex. Sure, shaving may not seem like a very erotic act, but getting ready for sex by primping will actually make a woman feel more like getting busy than if she hadn’t done any primping at all. So next time you’re thinking about hitting the sheets with your partner, take twenty minutes to shave your legs (or other parts of your body if you like), put on a little lip gloss and fluff your hair. If you’re feeling like you’re looking good, you’re going to be much more receptive to having sex.

Bake A Pumpkin Pie (Or Burn A Lavender Candle)

We all know that scent plays a very powerful role in arousal, but many women (and men) aren’t sure what scents and aphrodisiacs will turn their partners on the most. Women respond best to the smells of vanilla and fresh cut grass, while men respond best to the smell of lavender or pumpkin pie. Next time you want to turn your man on, burn a lavender candle and slip into a bubble bath or bake a fresh pumpkin pie right before he comes home from work. He won’t know that the smell of pumpkin pie is what made him want to jump your bones as soon as he walked in the door, but you will!

Assign Him Chores

While men get turned on by a naked woman, women actually get turned on when men do chores! A woman will get much more turned on by a man in a work uniform covered in grease who has just changed the oil in the car than she will by a man who is primped, shaven and naked. If you want to give your libido a boost and become more attracted to your man, ask him to do something really “manly” like fix the leaky pipe or lift something really, really heavy. Even if you can do these things yourself, you’ll be much more attracted to him if he does it.

Take Some Zinc

Zinc is a great supplement to take when you have a cold or the flu because it can help you get over it faster, but did you also know that zinc will help boost your man’s libido? Zinc is essential for testosterone health and will raise a man’s energy levels and increase their desire for sex. Oysters have gotten their reputation for being an aphrodisiac most likely because they are one of the foods that are highest in zinc! Next time you want your man to really want you, feed him some oysters or just have him take a zinc supplement!


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