13 Ways to Make Her Thighs Quiver

Sex for a woman is often less pleasurable than it is for men, simply because it’s harder for a girl to orgasm. It takes a lot more foreplay to get a woman to warm up enough to even get close to orgasm, and many guys just don’t last that long. Either that, or they don’t have the skills to bring a girl to climax. Either way, you can use these sex tips to rev your partner’s engine and make your lover come.

Lick And Suck The Labia

Often, men either go for the vaginal canal itself or the clitoris when giving a girl oral sex. This is great and all, but the labia usually get neglected this way. The labia are actually packed with tons of sensitive nerve endings, so she’ll get a lot more pleasure than if you focus on the clitoris only. Use your tongue to lick all around the labia area and if your partner’s labia are longer, gently suck them into your mouth for a few seconds at a time. She’ll love that you actually put your mouth all over the vagina instead of sticking to one spot!

Massage Your Partner’s Pubic Area (Around The Clitoris)

The clitoris is actually quite a bit larger than it appears. Kind of like the tip of the iceberg thing – there’s much more hidden underneath. On either side of the part of the clitoris that you see, there is a channel of clitoral tissue on either side of it in a sort of wishbone shape. Massaging the pubic area around the clitoris will stimulate this tissue and bring your girl to orgasmic heights.

Place Your Tongue On The Clitoris – And Don’t Move!

This is a great way to tease your lover during cunnilingus. When going down on your girl, flatten your tongue and place it fully on your partner’s clitoris. Hold it there for several seconds without moving. It won’t be long before she absolutely begs you to lick and suck more! You can alternate doing this with flicking the clitoris with your tongue to drive your partner absolutely wild.

Explore The Vagina With Your Fingers

Most guys think fingering is just about sticking their fingers up a woman’s vagina. This alone won’t give an orgasm and if she’s not properly aroused, fingering  like this will actually be uncomfortable or painful. Take some time to lube your partner up beforehand with a good water based lubricant and explore the entire vaginal area with your fingers.

Start out with soft pressure, gradually increasing your massage as she gets more and more turned on. Once you’ve massaged your partner’s clitoris and vagina and she’s really turned on, slip your finger inside the vaginal canal and use the “come hither motion” to stimulate the g-spot.

Use Different Oral Sex Positions

Even oral sex can get boring after awhile if you’re using the same sex position each and every time. Next time you want to “go down” on your lover, you don’t necessarily have to “go down” at all. Instead, have your partner come to you! Let your partner sit on your face, or go from behind and eat your lover out doggy style. The change in sex positions will make your girl feel as though what you’re doing is more taboo, and it will up the pleasure factor for your partner significantly!

Go Slow At First During Intercourse

Most guys pump away during intercourse once the initial penetration is over, and rarely can a woman have an orgasm this way. Instead, enter your partner slowly and slide your penis in and out slowly, so she can feel everything. Take your thumb or a vibrator and slowly rub the clitoris as well and it won’t be long before she’s bucking up against you with orgasmic waves of pleasure.

Bring A Vibrator To Bed

If your partner struggles with the ability to have an orgasm during sex with you, don’t be too proud to bring a vibrator to bed. Some women just need a lot of stimulation to bring themselves over the edge of climax. Try a couples vibrator that you can use too, such as one that is attached to a cock ring that slips over you and keeps your erection rock hard. This will help stimulate the clitoris as you have sex with your partner, so she will get to enjoy sex as much as you do.

Use Baby Powder Deodorant

This is one you probably haven’t heard of before, but did you know that wearing baby powder deodorant can actually help turn a woman on? This is because it plays to your woman’s need to procreate, so her mind will instantly attach you with making babies – and for you that means lots of sex. While women also enjoy musky scents that make you smell more manly, wearing baby powder deodorant is a simple way to ensure you’re going to get some! It’s also ghoing to ensure that she’s going to be fully involved and aroused during sex – which means it’s going to be better for your lover too.

Make Sure Your Lover’s Feet Are Warm

Studies show that women can reach orgasm more easily if the feet are warm. So before you hop into bed, give your lover a bit of an erotic massage – on the feet! Make sure your hands are nice and warm and give yourpartner a rubdown with some heated massage oil. You can also have your girl slip on a pair of socks. Keeping the feet toasty will make it much easier for you to give your partner an orgasm and if you massaged the feet to get them warm, the relaxing rubdown will help make your lover’s orgasm incredible.

Tell Your Parnter How Much You Love Making Her Feel Good

Women are emotional beings and appealing to your partner’s emotional side during sex will heighten your partner’s orgasmic potential. While you’re going down on your girl or fingering, look into her eyes and let your partner know how much you love touching her, feeling her and giving pleasure. This is NOT dirty talk – you’re not going to describe how “hot” she is or how you like how wet she is. Turn it around and say how much you really enjoy making HER feel good.

If you’re sincere about it (and she’ll definitely be able to tell), she’ll let down the emotional guard just a little bit. When she does this, you have the open door to give your partner an earth shattering climax.

Don’t Change What You’re Doing If You Find Something She Likes

If you’re giving your partner oral sex and she really starts gasping for breath and clinging to the sheets, do not stop what you’re doing – ever. A lot of guys are under the impression that if they find something their partner likes, they can change it up and do something that she likes even better. This completely backfires almost every time! Instead, keep a steady pace doing whatever you’re doing and once you’re sure that she likes it (as in, she’s screaming with ecstasy), keep doing what you’re doing and bring your lover over the edge of orgasm.

Try Tantric Sex

Tantra is a form of sex that allows two partners to share sexual energy with each other – by having slow, intimate contact with each other and enjoying the act of sex and each wave of pleasure it has to offer. Reaching orgasm is surely a goal with tantric sex, but it is not necessarily the main event. Take a page out of the book of Tantra and “make love” with your partner. Go slow and gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes as she experiences wave of wave after pleasure. If either of you get close, pull back and do something else until you’re ready to go at it again. Prolong the experience and when the orgasm finally hits, duck for cover because it’s going to be a big one.

Take A Shower With Your Lover – And Wash The Vagina

Whether it’s before or after sex, take a shower with you partner and ask if she’ll allow you to wash her vagina. If you do this before sex, it can be a great form of foreplay, but that is not the idea here. The idea here is to show your partner that you care for your partner by lovingly washing the genitals with no thoughts of yourself or your own pleasure. This single act of showing your lover that you truly do care for her, her health and her pleasure can make a huge difference in how she can let go of the inhibitions with you and have a great orgasm.


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