How to Swing With Another Couple

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Ok, you’ve either found a swinger couple online, at a meet & greet event, at a house party, or in a lifestyle club and now you want to play with them…what now? Let’s go through the common stages of swinging with another couple to get the most out of what’s bound to be an erotic and sexually freeing experience!

The Setting

You’ve invited a couple to swing so what’s the next step?  Now you need to think about the setting for your playful rendezvous. This may be a swinger club, or your own cozy abode. Some couples prefer to rent a hotel room for the night to give the whole experience its own space. A hotel room can keep it separate from your daily lives – making it feel more private and more deliciously taboo.

If you’re hosting another couple whom you’ve found online at your home, this next point should go without saying: Clean up. The last thing you want to see when rolling up to a night of sexy play is a stack of dirty dishes or stinky laundry on the floor. Set the mood by providing a clean space, and set the mood further with some candles, music or dimmed lighting.

If you plan on meeting them at a swinger party or club it’s important to RSVP to ensure there will be enough space for everyone. Please make sure you’re familiar with the rules of any party or club you’re planning to attend. Sometimes you need to reserve a playroom in advance so if you know you’ll like your privacy at some point in the evening, reserve your play space as soon as possible.

If you’ve booked a hotel room, don’t assume that the other couple will pitch in for it, although that is the polite thing to do and the norm. If you’re not the couple who’s organizing the room, the correct etiquette is to offer to split the cost. If they insist, pick up the tab for dinner or the sexy cocktails. A small gift like some nice chocolates or a bottle of wine goes a long way.

Calm Before the Storm

A key piece of advice before you enter any swinging situation: Fully discuss all of the potential scenarios with your own partner so that you’re on the same page. You want to establish what you both want before the heat gets turned up and the excitement threatens to cloud your judgement.

Once you’re all together, the excitement and energy start to build… the fun is about to begin. Let’s say you’ve found a compatible couple in a lifestyle club and you and your partner are ready to hit the play button. Before you do, it’s important to cover a few basic points of communication.

You’ve probably had at least part of this discussion with the other couple prior to entering this room, but it’s good to double check the details. Will this be a full or soft swap? Are any sex acts like anal or oral not allowed? What protection is being used? And whatever other topics are important to you and your partners. The key here is to be as open as possible.

Decide whether both couples will all play in one room or split off to separate ones. This is down to preference. Some couples find it hot to keep everyone together, getting the greatest kick from sharing the whole experience with each other. Those into exhibitionism may decide to do it among a larger group of swingers at a party, and for others, it’s more about making an individual sexual connection behind closed doors and reconvening with their partner later.  Some people find it difficult to concentrate on their current sexual partner when there’s lots of other action happening close by.  If you are doing separate rooms, figure out how you will meet up afterwards to ensure you don’t awkwardly interrupt your partner in case they need extra time to finish.

Lastly, it’s important to remember in the “pregame” phase of the encounter, that often there is booze present at these events and having a drink or two is one way to ease anxiety and loosen some of those inhibitions. However, heavy consumption of alcohol and swinging don’t pair well. People who are heavily intoxicated are not able to give consent. Being drunk can lead to breaking rules you have established with your partner and ruin the whole experience. Not to mention the ever-present risk for men to underperform after they have had too much to drink.




3 Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

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There are certain times in life where shorter is always better, like taking a trip to the DMV. But when it comes to the bedroom, we’re here to help you last as long as you like. If there’s one thing most people are dying to know, it’s how “normal” they are compared to everyone else. There is no “normal” but we do know the average post-foreplay romp lasts between 7 and 9 minutes. This can be great for penis-owners, who typically only need about 5 minutes to get to the finish line. Although, sometimes it’s nice to have the option to last longer in bed. While the orgasm gap is alive and well, there’s nothing to fear. Check out these 4 tips for lasting longer in bed.

Try using a delay spray.

When you’re the penetrator, getting a little over-excited is totally understandable. Whether it’s a natural reaction or due to something more biological, the answer could lie in a delay spray’s magic. A topical product engineered to prolong ejaculation, Promescent is a game-changing elixir for not only those who experience premature ejaculation but anyone who wants to last longer in bed, period. With just a few spritzes and ten minutes of wait time, the formula absorbs just below the skin’s surface; this is where all of the key nerve endings that control climax happen to dwell. In return, it numbs your member just enough to tack on a few extra, confidence-boosting minutes to your sultry love session. And, it won’t transfer to your partner either!

Play with edging.

Teasing to please, orgasm control, the art of antici…pation—whatever you want to call it, the practice of edging can be a slow-burning solution to all your uncontrollably hasty woes. By delaying your orgasm multiple times during sex or masturbation, you’re lengthening the experience while repeatedly flexing all of those pelvic floor muscles. And since we know toned PC’s equal increased stamina to last longer in bed as well as stronger orgasms, you can build your way up to a fiery grand finale, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Slow things down.

Whether consciously or not, the more you obsess about finishing, the more focus you lose on maximizing pleasure along the way. Instead, try savoring the moment and being truly present with your partner. Even practicing something as simple as breathing provides the chance to center yourself. It helps to not stress about the pressure of how “fast” you are (or aren’t) performing. By paying attention to every touch and move, and all the sensations that each elicits, you’re bound to find even more enjoyment in the experience that also happens to last longer in bed, too.

There’s no denying the fun that comes with being able to last longer in bed and the accompanying perks like boosted sexual confidence, satisfaction, and intimacy. So, if you’re looking for an erotic extension to get your sex life on a more fulfilling track, give these tips a shot.



Confidently Restarting Your Swinger Fun

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Feeling a little unsure of yourself after taking an extended break from swinging?  Maybe you were pregnant, maybe you were focusing on your relationship, or stuck in a pandemic lockdown.  You’ve handled the challenge.  Now you are ready to restart having fun again but you are worried.

Relax!  We are here to help guide you back to your sexy glory.  It can be a bit of a challenge to re-enter the swinging lifestyle after taking a long break.   We have several tips & coping techniques to combat any troublesome feelings that might pop-up as you reclaim your sexy swinger membership.

Reconnect with Yourself

Before you share yourself with others, take a moment to think if you are ready for this.  Think about what you liked and didn’t like about swinging, why you took the break, and why you think it is the right time to restart.  Make sure your partner feels the same way.  One of you might need more time until you are ready to move forward.

If you are having a hard time getting out of the vanilla mindset, you can vicariously reconnect with the swinging community by listening to some swinger podcasts or checking out a swinger blog.

Pamper Yourself

Give yourself some self-love.  Freshen up your hairstyle, buy a new outfit that makes you feel amazing.  If money is tight, you can have an old outfit tailored to better fit you.  Work out with your partner to get into better shape and hey who doesn’t enjoy seeing their sexy partner looking sexy while they workout.  Then you can have some fun showering together after your workouts.

When was the last time you fooled around in the shower?  Trying new things is a good way to break the rut and remind you what it is like having fun with new people doing things differently.

Practice At Home

Do some roleplaying with your own partner. This will help both of you mentally prepare and feel more comfortable when it comes time again to be naked in front of others.

Consider doing some virtual swinger dates from the comfort of your own home.  Virtual dates allow you to slowly ease back into the lifestyle while still being surrounded by all the comforts of your own home.

Focus on Fun

Yes, swinging is about sex but its easier to have hot sex when there is a bit of a connection and you’re in the right mindset.  You can reach out to your previous swinger friends and arrange a day doing fun things like boating, beer tasting, or whatever is fun to all of you.  After having fun during the day, it will be easier to transition to sexy time at night.

If you don’t swinger friends nearby, you can still do this at the swinger club even if you are brand new to the area.  Show up at the start of the party and focus on having fun on the dance floor.  If you aren’t a dancer, then consider bringing along Cards Against Humanity or a swinger game and invite others to join in your fun time.  Making friendly connections can help to alleviate nervous energy and recharge your confidence.