5 Tips For The Best Handjob

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Handjobs might be one of the most underrated sex moves out there. Perhaps that’s because a handjob is often associated with youth and immaturity. Maybe it’s something you did in your BF’s basement when you were in 10th grade. But despite its reputation, a good handjob can be a great way to change up your bedroom routine and variety and bring you closer to your partner.

Like many things, a solid handjob is all about delivery—no one wants a half-hearted handjob. There’s an art to it! To help you create a memorable and hands-on (sorry, couldn’t help it) sexual experience, we’ve assembled our top five tips for a great handjob. Let’s discuss:

1. Make it a full-body experience.

One of the best ways to dial up your handjob game is by gifting your partner a complete sensual experience. Light a few candles (we love massage candles), put on something sexy, and kick things off by giving your partner a full-body massage. Straddle them as they lie face down and rub their back, shoulders, and neck to create an aura of relaxation.

When you’re done rubbing their back, have them turn over for the rest of their massage. You might consider adding in some lube or oil to help make the experience slick n’ sexy.

2. Lube it up.

Speaking of lube, it’s a necessity in handjob land. Penises don’t self-lubricate, making it nearly impossible to give a good handjob without some form of lube. Add a few drops and feel free to generously reapply. Remember: friction is the enemy of the handjob and there’s no such thing as too much slip and slide.

There are so many different options you might consider; water-based or silicone is good if you plan on having penetrative sex right after the handjob, but oil might be fun if you’re having a hands-only experience.

3. Play with technique.

To help make the experience feel good for your partner, try playing with some new techniques and learn what they like best.

One recommendation is to use two hands. You don’t necessarily need to constantly use both of your hands at the same time, but double the handy-work is double the sensation. Wrap your hand(s) around the shaft and begin to gauge the pressure and rhythm that your partner likes the most. (You can typically tell by moans, the change in breathing patterns, etc.) Consider adding a few twisting motions, or a “milking” technique.

Another key element is the grip. Don’t clasp too hard; instead, keep a loose grip with your focus on movement. Occasionally graze your fingers over the head of the penis, frenulum, and scrotum. Some penis owners like it when you cup their balls, so see if they prefer a gentle versus firm hold. Switch between using your fingertips and your whole hand. You can also experiment with anal or nipple play simultaneously. Once you learn what your partner likes, you can repeat it over and over again.



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11 Surprising Ways to Have Incredible Sex

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Incredible sex doesn’t have to be something you once had at the beginning of your relationship. It’s common for sex to become blase as you and your partner become more comfortable with each other, however, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to mediocre sex for the rest of your relationship. Here’s how you can make sex great with these unconventional techniques.

Experiment With Condoms

Condoms are essential if you and your partner aren’t monogamous with each other, aren’t sure of each other’s sexual pasts or haven’t been tested for STD’s. However, most couples who have been tested or are in a monogamous relationship forgo using condoms, especially if they’re using birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But did you know that condoms can sometimes enhance your sex life, even if you don’t need them? Condoms are great for anal sex, because you can just slip it off before engaging in vaginal penetration. If you experiment with different brands and styles of condoms, like ribbed and studded or twisted, you may find something that actually helps stimulate your g-spot and makes it easier for you to have an orgasm!

Try Dirty Talk

A lot of women are too shy to try dirty talk, but there is definitely a correlation between dirty talk and absolutely explosive sex. If you’re not comfortable with dirty talk, start slow and work your way up to it. Start by simply vocalizing your pleasure when you feel something good, especially if your partner is doing something special to you like giving you oral sex. Next, start describing how much you like what he’s doing and then move on to telling him what you’d like to do next. Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be vulgar – it can be as simple as tell your partner what you like and how much you like it.

Start Sexting

Like dirty talk, sexting can drastically improve the quality of your sex life with your partner. While you’re at work or school, send your lover a naughty text that describes what you want to do when you get home that night. It will spark their imagination and get them thinking about you all day. When you finally do get home, it’s going to be all you can do not to tear each other’s clothes off as soon as you walk through the door!

Learn To Striptease

Men are visual creatures. They love watching women, especially naked women. The love dancing naked women even more! There’s a reason that strip clubs are so popular, but most women don’t like their guys going out and ogling other women. You can solve that problem in a heartbeat by learning to perform a striptease yourself! Don’t worry about not being a good dancer or not knowing what you’re doing – your man doesn’t care. Slip on some really great lingerie (a garter belt with thigh highs is a must) and do a sexy little dance for him. Chances are, you won’t be dancing for that long anyway.

Eat Celery

You wouldn’t think that celery would boost your libido, but it most certainly does. Celery contains a steroid called androstenone, which is also found in human sweat. This is one of the components of human pheromones that help attract men and women to each other. Eating celery will increase the presence of the steroid in humans and increase pheromone production – making people much more attracted to each other. Not only will it increase pheromone production, celery will also increase the amount of ejaculatory fluids in both men and women so orgasms will be more powerful and more pleasurable.


Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/11-surprising-ways-to-have-incredible-sex/

13 Ways to Make Her Thighs Quiver

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Sex for a woman is often less pleasurable than it is for men, simply because it’s harder for a girl to orgasm. It takes a lot more foreplay to get a woman to warm up enough to even get close to orgasm, and many guys just don’t last that long. Either that, or they don’t have the skills to bring a girl to climax. Either way, you can use these sex tips to rev your partner’s engine and make your lover come.

Lick And Suck The Labia

Often, men either go for the vaginal canal itself or the clitoris when giving a girl oral sex. This is great and all, but the labia usually get neglected this way. The labia are actually packed with tons of sensitive nerve endings, so she’ll get a lot more pleasure than if you focus on the clitoris only. Use your tongue to lick all around the labia area and if your partner’s labia are longer, gently suck them into your mouth for a few seconds at a time. She’ll love that you actually put your mouth all over the vagina instead of sticking to one spot!

Massage Your Partner’s Pubic Area (Around The Clitoris)

The clitoris is actually quite a bit larger than it appears. Kind of like the tip of the iceberg thing – there’s much more hidden underneath. On either side of the part of the clitoris that you see, there is a channel of clitoral tissue on either side of it in a sort of wishbone shape. Massaging the pubic area around the clitoris will stimulate this tissue and bring your girl to orgasmic heights.

Place Your Tongue On The Clitoris – And Don’t Move!

This is a great way to tease your lover during cunnilingus. When going down on your girl, flatten your tongue and place it fully on your partner’s clitoris. Hold it there for several seconds without moving. It won’t be long before she absolutely begs you to lick and suck more! You can alternate doing this with flicking the clitoris with your tongue to drive your partner absolutely wild.

Explore The Vagina With Your Fingers

Most guys think fingering is just about sticking their fingers up a woman’s vagina. This alone won’t give an orgasm and if she’s not properly aroused, fingering  like this will actually be uncomfortable or painful. Take some time to lube your partner up beforehand with a good water based lubricant and explore the entire vaginal area with your fingers.

Start out with soft pressure, gradually increasing your massage as she gets more and more turned on. Once you’ve massaged your partner’s clitoris and vagina and she’s really turned on, slip your finger inside the vaginal canal and use the “come hither motion” to stimulate the g-spot.

Use Different Oral Sex Positions

Even oral sex can get boring after awhile if you’re using the same sex position each and every time. Next time you want to “go down” on your lover, you don’t necessarily have to “go down” at all. Instead, have your partner come to you! Let your partner sit on your face, or go from behind and eat your lover out doggy style. The change in sex positions will make your girl feel as though what you’re doing is more taboo, and it will up the pleasure factor for your partner significantly!

Go Slow At First During Intercourse

Most guys pump away during intercourse once the initial penetration is over, and rarely can a woman have an orgasm this way. Instead, enter your partner slowly and slide your penis in and out slowly, so she can feel everything. Take your thumb or a vibrator and slowly rub the clitoris as well and it won’t be long before she’s bucking up against you with orgasmic waves of pleasure.



Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/13-brand-new-ways-to-make-her-thighs-quiver/

10 Autumn Sex Ideas

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Pop quiz: what’s the best season to have sex? Is it summer, with all that glistening, bare skin? Is it winter, when we’re snuggled up and cozy? Or is it fall, when those first cool breezes start rustling through the air…giving us a spring in our step, and pumpkin spice in our lattes?

Ok, that was a trick question—every season is sex season. There’s no “best” time to kick it, sexually speaking. But data does show that more babies are conceived in fall and winter, so whether or not babies are in your future, chances are you’re feeling things. For that reason and so many others (namely, that pleasure is good for you), we’ve compiled a list of ideas and fall sex positions to have your “spiciest” season yet.

Hot Candle Massage 

It’s chilly, so let’s warm you up. With – dare I say – hot wax? If you’ve never dabbled in temperature play before, now’s your chance.

Having warm candle wax dripped on your body gives the nervous system a little jolt, one that heightens your excitement. Just be careful! It’s all fun and games until someone gets a second-degree burn. Here’s what to look for:

  • Google “body-safe candles for sex”
  • Look for either soy or paraffin as the primary ingredient
  • Note: paraffin burns hotter if you want a more intense sensation
  • Do NOT use a candle made from beeswax (not safe for skin)
  • Avoid candles that don’t list their ingredients: additives can change the melting point of a candle, making it too hot to handle…and not in a good way.

I also recommend a nearby container of water *just in case*—you are playing with fire, after all. So take your precautions, then enjoy the heat.

Sweater Weather Strip Tease

Temperatures are dropping, you’re dressing warmer, and you know what’s fun about layers? Taking them off.

Next time you and a play partner are ready for action, don’t skip to the underwear part just yet. Instead, take your time peeling off pieces of clothing…and that goes for both of you. Kiss each inch of skin as it’s revealed, slowly, button by button. Tease each other over your underwear, with nibbles, fingers, and a little bit of pressure. If it’s cold outside, keep a layer on while having sex! The suggestiveness of sex-while-clothed is super hot—it implies you just couldn’t wait to get started.

Strangers in a Bar Roleplay

We all know what the high holiday of fall is, and that’s Halloween. What better time to play strangers, and assume a new identity? No need to go full Freddy Krueger kink (unless that’s your thing!), but the mystique of Halloween is a vibe you can absolutely explore.

If you’re partnered, make a date to meet at a bar…dressed ever so slightly different than you normally would. Maybe it’s the hair. Maybe it’s the shoes. Maybe it’s the superhero cosplay. Again, you get to pick the degree of change here; the fun part about all of this is the collaboration. Chat with your partner, and pick a time and place to bump into each other. Don’t worry: this isn’t an audition! Just have fun getting to know each other, taking full advantage of the Halloween spirit. If you break character, that’s alright—it’s a sign that tricks are done, and now you’re ready for treats.

Salted Caramel Labia

Let’s be honest, the best part of the season is all the yummy flavors. So why not add some “spice” to your fall sex positions?

There are all kinds of lubes out there, from silicone-based, water-based, to oils. Depending on the type of sex you’re having, you’ll want to choose your lube medium wisely (for example, don’t mix silicone lube with silicone toys), but once you do, your options are wide open. Here are some fun ones to try:

Now doesn’t that get you in the fall spirit? Your next oral sesh just got a little more delicious.

Washer/Dryer Play

Attention parents: school is in session, and you’ve got the house to yourself. Let’s make laundry a little more exciting with one of our favorite fall sex positions.

Next time you’re running the washer or dryer, have one partner sit on top, legs parted. From here, the other partner has easy access. There’s a lot to love about this set-up, from the rumbles of the machine, to the “ambient” sounds (you can moan loudly without neighbors hearing over the sound of the machine). Bonus: you can dry your sheets! When they’re ready, take them out and go for a sex spin in the fabric. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of warm laundry?



Source: https://sexwithemily.com/fall-sex-positions/

The Guide to a Successful Friends with Benefits Relationship

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If there’s any sexual activity that’s gotten way, way more popular in the past few years, it’s ye olde friends with benefits. That’s not just my opinion: it’s research. And while that’s great news for anyone interested in alternative relationship configurations, the friends with benefits setup does require some solid interpersonal skills — if you’d like to avoid drama.

When you’re a pacifist, pleasure-loving individual, who’d also very much enjoy a friends with benefits arrangement, not to worry. Justin Lehmiller has some research-backed pointers on FWB’s and what makes them successful, on everything from initiation to maintenance. (We interviewed him on that very subject.) So here are six steps to pursuing one, without undue tears/angry texts/general malaise. Right this way for benefits—the friendly, sexy kind.

Step 1: Be selective.

If you’d like to initiate a friends with benefits dynamic, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to be picky. Just because it’s not an “official” relationship doesn’t mean you have to throw standards out the window, so when assessing potential candidates, here are three things to think about:

  • Am I attracted to them?
  • Are they a good communicator? (More on that in a moment)
  • Are the circumstances conducive to this?

The first one should be easy to assess, the second we’ll cover more in-depth. But the third question is crucial, because the best candidate will likely be someone who already occupies some healthy distance in your life. A family friend? Yeah, that’s asking for a weird Thanksgiving. Your coworker? Maybe, but then again…could go south, fast. The yogi you met at the gym who’s sexy as hell, but not someone you’d want to pursue a serious relationship with? Now you’re talking.

Step 2: Set the ground rules.

Justin says that in his research, the FWB’s who are most successful prioritize communication, and get that piece down first. Mutual attraction is the easy part, folks! What you’re really looking for is someone who can answer the following questions:

  • What are you looking to get out of this?
  • Are you OK with the things I want from this?
  • Is there anything off-limits? Sexual activities, couple-y behaviors, etc?

If you can navigate this conversation, and find the other person to be mature and realistic in doing so, then congratulations: you may have just found yourself a playmate! But a word of caution here — it’s a lot easier to do this with someone who wants the same things you do, rather than convincing someone to try it.

So be aware that in the initial communication, you should be clear that this isn’t a trial period for an actual relationship, or an on-ramp to something more serious. Don’t be a smooth talker; be frank, honest, and a good listener. That will help both parties make a wise decision.

Step 3: Have sex…safely.

You’re doing it: you’re accruing “benefits!” Yay you. But even if emotional expectations have been managed, your fertility and STI status are just as serious. So while this one is (hopefully) obvious, give your FWB arrangement some standard protocols:

  • Use contraception, and communicate about it openly
  • Have both parties get tested in advance of play time
  • Create a communication policy around outside partners and STI status

These rules will not only keep things drama-free, but will also help keep your communication skills in check. Which brings me to:



Source: https://sexwithemily.com/the-guide-to-a-successful-friends-with-benefits-relationship/