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Fisting For Beginners

Fisting is an intense, overwhelming, and challenging experience for any couple, and is definitely not for everyone. Putting the entire hand inside the vaginal cavity is possible; the vagina is made to stretch to fit a crowning baby. The size of your hands and the elasticity of your wife’s vagina, however, will be determining factors when assessing your ability to explore this activity, perhaps more so than your wife’s willingness.

If you are brand new to the intricacies of fingering, don’t start with fisting. Take your time to learn and enjoy fingering itself, because this will help increase her ability to accommodate your whole hand. Women tend to be deeper and more accommodating, and their cervix softer and more receptive to touch, when they are fertile. Try to schedule your time during this window each month for best results.

Oil & Lube

For this kind of intense stretching and stimulation, lots of lube is required. Don’t forget that you can prepare ahead of time by having different lubes on hand, such as water based and silicone or flavored, to make the experience more enjoyable.

Massage Her Vagina Slowly First

Focus especially, but not exclusively, on the rear wall of the vagina and the perineum. If your wife has given birth before, you may have been taught this technique already, as a method to help prevent tearing during the birthing process.

You have nothing so dire to worry about while fisting, unless your hands are the size of newborns, but the massage will help to improve her body’s ability to stretch and fit around you without undue pain.

Loosen Up

When the two of you have decided that it’s time to give fisting a try, set aside a few hours of your day. Yes, hours. This is no wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sort of affair. Fisting takes time to work up to and to come down from, so plan accordingly.

The most effective way to loosen the vagina is orgasm, as the muscles release during the refractory period, so the best candidate for fisting is a multi-orgasmic woman with excellent control of her PC muscles.

Start out with only as many fingers as can comfortably fit inside her, even if it is only one or two. Make your way around the entire circumference of her vaginal wall, starting at the opening and then circling deeper inside her. Try to thrust gently, while massaging the vaginal walls, in this same circular motion.






Sex With Two Vaginas

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There’s a lot of misinformation floating around, so today I want to set the record straight and give you some pointers for non-straight sex with two vaginas.


Ah yes, the good ol’ gay check in. What could be more queer than processing your feelings around sex before you even have it? Being able to talk openly with the person you’re having sex with isn’t just important for your emotional health, it’s important for your physical health and downright necessary for good sex!

Because it’s not immediately apparent as to how two “innies” fit together, being able to talk about what you like and don’t like is even more important in this situation. Maybe you like vibrators, maybe you can’t come unless you have clitoral and vaginal stimulation, or maybe you would rather be a giver than a receiver.

Either way, checking in and talking about sex before you have it is super important for queer sex. Not to mention that it’s extra important to talk about your STD status when two vaginas are in the mix. Vaginal condoms can be awkward, but there are other ways to stay safe including dental dams, using condoms on sex toys, changing condoms to avoid mixing vaginal fluids and using latex gloves. It might be awkward, it might be uncomfortable, but you have to make sure you’re safe along the way.

Also: you’ll notice that I keep saying “two vaginas” instead of two women. This is because your partner might not identify as a woman, or even like to call their genitals a vagina! And that’s okay! Check in to see what their preferred pronouns are and what words they like to use during sex to describe their genitals. Communication is always the best way to ensure comfort in your new expedition and will make your dirty talk even better.


You’ve got the same hardware, so why not practice on yourself first? Before you start in on your partner’s vagina, focus on your own first. Figuring out what you like and how you like to pleasure yourself will teach you a lot about pleasing another vagina. So take some time alone and have a solo masturbation session or two to figure out what you like before you start having queer sex. Being able to describe what you like will help your partner pleasure you, and give you a lot of information as to how to operate the machinery, keeping in mind that we all like different things. Also: it’s fun!



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5 Best Ways to Have Sex Outside

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Sex outside is one of the most common fantasies. Why? Well for starters it’s taboo—sex in a public place is a no-no, and even if you manage to avoid the authorities, there’s still a chance someone else will see. For many, the thrill of “breaking the rules” alone is enough to get your sexual wheels turning, especially if you or your partner experience arousal at the thought of getting caught.

And while we never condone breaking the law, we can certainly empathize with the desire to get it on outdoors. For one thing, the thought of someone watching you have sex can be incredibly erotic. In fact, it’s so common that we have a name for it: exhibitionism is a sexual kink in which a person feels aroused at the idea or the reality of being seen naked or engaged in sexual activities by others. For example, have you ever walked past a window in your birthday suit and thought, “I don’t care who sees!” Or maybe you even felt a little turned on? That’s exhibitionism at play.

Of course, there are other things that contribute to the eroticism of sex outside. Some people simply love the connection with nature or feeling the wind on their bare skin while experiencing all the feel-good chemicals from sex. In either case, it can be hard to find the right locations for sex outside. (Especially because getting arrested is so not sexy.)

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best locations for how to have sex outside. Happy exploring—and don’t forget the sunblock.

1. Take a Hike 

Hiking is great because trees and giant boulders often present lots of opportunities to hide. (Though this isn’t necessarily the case if you’re hiking in the desert, so location matters.) The next time you and your partner want to venture out into the wilderness, choose a time and trail where you’re likely not to see as much traffic. If you’re opting for penetrative sex, have the person being penetrated bend over and put their hands on a tree or rock for support. Remember to avoid poison ivy!

Pro Tip: Keep as much clothing on as possible so that you can cover up if you hear footsteps. If you’re worried about getting caught, opt for some hand and mouth stuff, for even an outdoorsy round of oral.

2. On a Balcony 

A balcony is a sly way to have sex outside because you’re technically still on private property—just make sure you’re doing it at night and don’t live near kids! You can also maintain some privacy if one of you is wearing a dress and going commando. Your partner can simply lift it up and do their thing with their hands, genitals, or even mouth. This is an especially great spot if you’re on vacation and your balcony overlooks the ocean or a forest. You get all of the excitement of being close to nature, while still having your room right next door should you need to make a quick getaway.



Source: https://sexwithemily.com/the-5-best-ways-to-have-sex-outside/

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The 7 Best Foreplay Moves For Her

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Women are complicated creatures!  There is no one foreplay move that works on all women nor do all women like the same things!  What worked for your last girl might not work with your current girl – and that can be super frustrating if all you want to do is please her. (Oh, and that should be your main goal).

Although women are all different, here are some foreplay tips at work for most women most of the time…

Foreplay Tip #1 – Worship Her

You can do this anytime, all the time.  Make her feel like the most important sexiest women in the world!  Show her that you have never been with a more perfect woman.  Praise her body, in every way.  From her eyes to her boobs. You need to make her feel like a million dollars and let he know you feel like the luckiest man in the world to be able to touch her and kiss her.

Foreplay Tip #2 – Tease Her

Do not go straight for the honey!  Spend some time opening the jar.  IN other words, don’t go from kissing to sex right away, take your time and get her turned on.

Women need a lot more foreplay and longer foreplay then guys do so remember that even if you are ready to go she might need more kissing, more touching more more more! But the more you do the better it will feel to her because the longer you wait to have sex the more turned on she will be!  So tease her!

Even if she starts to beg, build her anticipation and really get her ready for you.

Foreplay Tip #3 – Go Down On Her

You know how much you love a good old bj? Well, she too will love a little tongue action.  Did you know the clitoris only purpose is for pleasure?  It has no other use except to make women feel amazing.  So spend some time and lick her, suck her, flick her etc.

If you don’t know what she likes, then have her show you on your palm.  Or ask her!  Some women push men away from giving them oral but that is normally because she hasn’t had someone really show her a good time down there, you could be the guy to do it!!


Source: https://loveandsexanswers.com/the-7-best-foreplay-moves-to-really-turn-her-on/


Pegging 101

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Let’s cut to the chase: pegging is in. And for very good reason. 

A sex act where one person wears a strap-on dildo, and uses it to penetrate the anus of their partner, “pegging” as a term is relatively new…but the practice is not. It can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt (what can’t?), but it wasn’t until 2001 when Dan Savage coined the term with the help of his Savage Love community. And thus, a star sex phrase was born. 

While anyone can be penetrated, there’s a special benefit for penis owners. Just like vulva owners have G-spot orgasms – those deep, internal orgasms that feel like your entire core is throbbing – penis owners can have prostate or “P-spot” orgasms, which yield a similarly internal, explosive O. How? By having their prostate gland stimulated, accessible only via the anus. Enter: the strap-on dildo. 

Since 2020, sales of strap-ons have increased nearly 200% for online sex toy retailer Lovehoney, and that’s just one brand, folks. Likely due to increased pop culture exposure (think Broad City) and our ever-evolving views of masculinity and femininity, more folks feel liberated now to try it. So how do you dive in?

Let’s discuss the 4 “pegs” of pegging, so you can have satisfying strap-on sex. Remember: you do not have to be an adult film actor to pull this off! Unless you are one already, in which case, keep shining. 

1. Who can peg?

Anyone. While prostate stimulation is a treat for penis owners, there’s only a thin membrane wall in the anus separating a vulva owner from their G-spot. If they are pegged, they can experience an anal orgasm as well, which is SO great. 

2. How does it work?

Maybe it sounds straightforward – strap on dildo, penetrate partner – but there’s a looot to consider to have your best strap-on sex.

  • The first is prep. Just like you wouldn’t pop into the splits without stretching, the same goes for our sphincter muscles. If someone is going to be pegged (the “pegee” if you will), they would be wise to do some anal training in advance. This can happen alone or with a partner: a partner can give them digital penetration to help their sphincter muscles relax and become more pliable. But alone, the pegee can insert butt plugs during solo or partnered sex, or truly…anytime. Plugs train the sphincter muscles to “give” more during penetration, and do not worry, you can’t permanently stretch out your anus. This step simply adds more elasticity to your already elastic anal opening. 
  • Another note, pegees. It’s not a bad idea to clean out 30 to 60 minutes before playtime, with a body-safe enema. While waste is actually not stored in your anus – it’s stored in your upper bowels – fecal matter can be present in the lower bowels. Not a huge deal, but if you know you’d feel more secure if you’re sparkling clean there, consider this step. 
  • Next: the person doing the pegging (the “pegger”) should get comfortable with their strap-on. That could look like literally walking around the house in it, to make sure nothing is chafing or feeling uncomfortable. What you want to feel is a firm, snug fit with your harness or underwear, so that it doesn’t feel like anything is slipping off, but neither is it so tight you’re losing blood circulation. 
  • Finally, let’s talk in-the-moment foreplay and positions. Before jumping right into pegging, I recommend ample anal play first, such as fingering or rimming. Not only are these things super erotic, they build anticipation for the fireworks to come.

As for positions, please apply lots of lube and consider the following: do you want the pegee to set the rhythm, or the pegger? 


Source: https://sexwithemily.com/pegging-101/