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Are you interested in finding out what Trapeze Swingers’ Club is all about? All guests visiting for the first time will be asked to complete the membership process, provide valid ID with proof of age, and agree to the rules of the club.

Our friendly staff members are available to escort new guests on a guided tour every evening before 9 p.m. Please note that only those with up-to-date membership have access to the facility.

As the #1 swingers’ club in the nation, Trapeze Fort Lauderdale is an upscale adult private membership club that caters to adventurous and open-minded couples, as well as to select single males and sexy single females.

Exclusive tours are offered to all those considering membership.

Elite club features:

  • 9,000 sq ft of room to Eat, Dance, and Play
  • Elegant Buffet, courtesy of our in-house chef
  • Three Full Service (BYOB) Bars
  • Central Dance Floor with in-house DJ
  • Luxurious Seating Areas
  • Two Open playrooms equipped with both Private and Voyeuristic Areas 
South Florida Swingers Club


Couple Club Bars

Trapeze is a Bring Your Own Beer or Liquor (BYOB) establishment, so bottles will be marked with members’ ID numbers upon entry.

What is a BYOB Couple Club?

BYOB Couple Clubs are establishments that limit membership or patronage on particular nights to couples and/or single females. The club does not provide alcohol nor place any available for sale. Members are invited to bring their spirit of choice for our bartenders to mix. Trapeze Fort Lauderdale provides all the accouterments for making drinks. There are 3 full-sized bars located throughout the club, including 2 in the main entertainment area and one in the back play area. Our friendly bartenders are happy to accommodate, using a wide variety of juices and sodas to prepare your drinks. All mixers are provided free of charge – however, gratuity is always appreciated.
South Florida Swingers Club

Sex Club Playrooms

The Back Rooms of a Sex Club

Once you have spent some time in Trapeze’s main social area, make your way to the “playroom” of the nation’s number one sex club, which is located through the wooden doors at the back of the club. This will lead you to an open play area for orgies as well as a sectioned off area for members who enjoy a more private setting. There is a stripper pole available to anyone who’s in the mood to entertain or show-off their dancing skills.

Note: street clothes are NOT allowed in the back room. We have lockers rooms available for use.

We do everything in our power to ensure that your experience in the backroom is a clean and friendly environment. Our high-quality mattresses are made of vinyl, which allows our staff to thoroughly clean the room on a nightly basis. 

South Florida Swingers Club

Dancing Swingers Party

Dance the night away in our couples club

Not ready to head into the backroom of South Florida’s hottest couples club just yet? Party on our couples club, high-energy dance floor! Our in-house DJ plays an eclectic mix that will have your body moving and grooving to the beat of the bass. Grab a partner or go solo and show the audience what moves you have stored in your sexy repertoire.

Spectacular lighting and fog shows create the ultimate swinger’s party experience on our dance floor. Put on a show and twirl on our dance pole. Not hungry for attention, gather around and watch or grab some dinner and have a seat. Worked up and ready to go? Head to our locker rooms and back play room.

In the mood for something a little different? Feel free to stop by the DJ booth and make a request. Keep the party swinging!

“It’s a dancing swinger’s party atmosphere beyond compare.”

South Florida Swingers Club

Locker Rooms

Once in our swing clubs and you’ve worked up a sweat from dancing and gained your strength from our buffet, grab some liquid courage from the bar and head to the nearly nude playroom.
Because our swing clubs members must be undressed to play in the back room at Trapeze, we have provided members with complimentary lockers.

Don’t worry about bringing your own lock to our swing clubs. Locker attendants will assign you a locker upon arrival and will assist you in securing your belongings.

Take a steamy shower (before or after) you play in the back room in the public showers. Towels are also provided free of charge.
Note: Trapeze is not responsible for any items damaged or lost within the club. If you have more questions about Trapeze’s locker room please contact the club directly.

South Florida Swingers Club

Exquisite Dining at Trapeze

Five Star Dining

At Trapeze Swinger Club, a five-star dining experience is always on the menu. Our experienced chef is renowned for his international cuisine preparing everything from the highest quality cuts of beef to the freshest fish in town.

Trapeze offers dishes like grilled grouper with avocado salsa, and accompaniments like roasted garlic orzo. Our carving station is where you’ll find everything from mojo marinated pork loin to roasted New York strip steak.

Finally, visit the dessert station for a variety of decadent treats. There you’ll find rich cheesecakes, glazed crème brûlée, and chocolate-drizzled pastries.

The nightly buffet is full service and is comprised of:

  • A carving station with dishes like Roasted Lamb or Prime Rib Roast
  • A main dish area that serves rich courses such as Orangy Roughy and Tuscan-style Pork Roast
  • A side dish section that serves exquisite rice pilaf, sautéed vegetables and more
  • A dessert portion that gives members decadent options like thick Italian cheesecakes and crispy crème brulee

Party on until the early morning hours and the buffet is transformed from a dinner feast to a breakfast made for royalty. Featuring roasted potatoes, French toast, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, bacon and more. A made-to-order omelet station is available on select nights.

We ensure that each night’s menu offers a variety of different options to suit every dietary need. Our kitchen staff is happy to prepare meals to order according to dietary needs. Vegetarian meals are also available by request. 

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